2 former eBay Workers plead guilty in harassment Strategy

BOSTON — Two former eBay Inc. workers pleaded guilty Thursday for their jobs to terrorize a publisher and editor of an internet newsletter critical of their firm using a scheme which contained live spiders and other upsetting deliveries sent into their property.

Stephanie Popp, former senior director of international intellect; and Veronica Zea, a former eBay builder who worked as an intelligence adviser at eBay’s International Intelligence Center, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit cyberstalking and conspiracy to tamper with witnesses. They’re scheduled to be sentenced in February.

They’re one of seven former eBay workers charged in the strategy that included other anonymous deliveries delivered to the couple’s house, such as a funeral wreath along with a damn pig Halloween mask.

The workers also sent pornographic publications together with the husband’s name on these to their neighbor’s home, intended to break in the couple’s garage to put in a GPS device in their vehicle, and submitted the couple’s names and speech on the internet, advertisements things like yard sales and inviting strangers to knock on the door when the set was not out, officials said.

The couple was targeted following their newsletter printed an article about a lawsuit filed by eBay accusing Amazon of its vendors, researchers said.

An email seeking comment was sent Friday to a lawyer for Zea. A lawyer for Popp declined to comment.