3 Bollywood stars Challenged in drug Evaluation

NEW DELHI — Three Bollywood celebrities, such as leading celebrity Deepika Padukone, was contested by India’s narcotics bureau on Saturday as a part of an investigation to the film business’s alleged connections with drug peddlers and cartels, officials said.

She’d obtained a summons before in the week whilst shooting a picture from the western beach resort of Goa.

Details of the coughing weren’t immediately available.

The narcotics bureau said in a statement that it began that the Bollywood drug probe following the passing of young celebrity Sushant Singh Rajput, whose body was discovered in his Mumbai residence in June. An investigation is continuing.

Padukone is just one of over a dozen individuals working together with the Hindi movie business who was contested by the bureau in the previous two weeks. Her supervisor Karishma Prakash was contested on Friday.

A leading Bollywood filmmaker, Karan Johan, said in a statement Friday the allegations of narcotics being absorbed in a celebration hosted in July a year ago in his home were”untrue and baseless.” His reply came following an old movie from a star-studded celebration at his home surfaced on social networking.