4 Kids among Seven injured at drive-by shooting Arizona: Authorities

The incident happened around 9:30 p.m. local time at a parking lot in which a crowd was assembled, authorities said. A car drove by and opened fire on families visiting meals sellers, authorities said.

The victims included three adults and four kids ages 6, 1, 9, and 16, Mesa Police Department Chief Ken Price said Saturday afternoon in a media briefing. The kids were from multiple households.

The 1-year-old was hospitalized at an “extremely critical” state, Price stated, while other sufferers had non-life-threatening accidents that ranged from slight to severe.

The shooting happened after residents of a white SUV stopped at the center of the street and opened fire to the food region, where many families were eating, Price said.

Among the food, sellers returned fire in the automobile, and it isn’t known at the time when it had been struck, authorities said.

No suspects have been found or arrested, police said.

Researchers haven’t found any connection between the perpetrators and the victims, Price said. They’re also working to find out whether an episode in precisely the same parking lot a few hours before this season, through which a food seller intervened while a person was allegedly attacking a female, is joined to the shooting,” the chief said.

Officers and researchers were communicating the spectacle on Saturday and talking to witnesses. Footage of this spectacle seized by Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV revealed tents in the event still put up at the parking lot.

“We are in the first stages of attempting to learn who did so, and what reason there could have been for this particular incident,” Mesa Police Department spokesperson Detective Nik Rasheta stated Friday night in a media briefing at the spectacle.