9 Detained in Bosnia over wartime killings of civilians

It said the investigation was ongoing. Of the 11 suspects, one remains at large and one is currently in prison.

Bosnian Serbs divided boys and men out of girls and girls at the village of Novoseoci before taking the man Bosniaks off into a nearby waste ditch and killing them, the announcement said.

The bodies of these victims, ages 14-82, were abandoned at the dumpsite and coated waste. Bosnian Serbs later blew up a neighborhood mosque at Novoseoci and threw its components over the bodies in the ditch area.

Each one of these victims’ remains is exhumed from the website, prosecutors said. They had a complete 178 wounds inflicted by guns.

Over 100,000 people died during the war in Bosnia, which surfaced once the nation’s Serbs rebelled against liberty in the former Yugoslavia and proceeded to produce their state.

The Serbs took charge of over two-thirds of Bosnia from the first days of the battle, killing and trapping non-Serbs – the Bosniaks, who are mostly Muslims, and Bosnia’s Croats.

The suspects arrested Wednesday were members of those so-called”emergency committee” which was shaped when Bosnian Serbs took charge of the region in 1992.

Also one of the suspects is Gen. Radislav Krstic, who’s serving a 35-year-old prison sentence. In 2004he had been convicted with the U.N. war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia on charges of helping genocide. Bosnian prosecutors stated he is going to be contested in prison in Poland.

Still another, unidentified suspect resides outside Bosnia, as well as police plan to find his extradition, the prosecutor’s statement said.