ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus pens Assistance for Day of the Girl Child

LONDON — ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus climbed up in at a period when his education was appreciated over his sister, and he needs it to be distinct for women around the globe.

“I have been besieged by women, strong girls for quite a very long time,” Ulvaeus said, talking about the necessity to enable female voices before Sunday’s International Day of the Girl Child.

The afternoon”it ought to be a reason for celebration, but the sad thing is this girl child deserves much more than the previous guys who rule the entire world are ready to provide her,” Ulvaeus composed in a bit to encourage the day he initially shared with The Associated Press.

The piece begins: “Have a peek at the previous guys who rule the entire world. With few exceptions that their forces rest on religions, cultures, and ideologies that suppress women.”

In his part, Ulvaeus writes about these strong men are”fearful of the woman child” since”she represents a threat to their power Iike none apart.”

“They have so ridiculously angry and upset and, you understand. And it’s because the woman child is such a powerful sign for equality, to get a much better world, but a universe where they would not exist.”

Ulvaeus said rising, his dad”believed it was important that I obtained an education about my sister” and then began his early career in an all-male team, The Hootenanny Singers. However, he says that he was always”very curious and very cynical and fair.”

“There is nothing really that says that people must have these roles we read about. And that I could see there is no fantastic reason,” he explained of the perspective change he needed when he was about 30. “So I believe that is why and once I became more or less a feminist without so much as stating it at the moment.”

And because of his three brothers, there’ve always been powerful female influences.

“They never understood another future than an equivalent one since they can see it in the home. They can see it shut up. Agnetha (Fältskog) was a very strong lady who I had been wed to first in ABBA. And my current wife, Lena, because, many, several years ago, she is also quite powerful”

When it comes to his six granddaughters and the following generation of young women, he’s some optimism.

“As an example as human beings, I am very optimistic as they’re quite open. They aren’t scared of saying what they believe.”

Ulvaeus has also taken a few advantages out of his weeks of self-isolation and thinks he’ll travel less if the international pandemic is finished.

“It has been in a sense very, very calm, and quite great for me, since there’s been time for reflection. There has been time for all sorts of things you don’t have enough time to get if you hurry between airports”

Discussing via Zoom he adds, “I believe that 80%, at the least of my encounters, will occur similar to this, from today.”

ABBA will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2021 and also for fans anticipating the brand new music in the group, Ulvaeus stays tight-lipped and philosophical.

“I have been saying things about it and it has been incorrect, so I’d much rather not say anything at this time, but it is going to be there eventually. That is all I will say.”