Afghan official: Bomb, shooting attacks against Kabul kill 3

KABUL, Afghanistan — Independent bombing and shooting attacks in Afghanistan’s funds left three people dead Wednesday, for example, the mind of a different elections watchdog, officials explained.

The strikes are the most recent amid persistent violence in the nation even as Taliban and Afghan authorities negotiators hold discussions in Qatar, attempting to hammer out a peace agreement that may put an end to centuries of warfare.

The assault happened during Rasheed’s morning commute into FEFA’s office in Kabul, ” he said.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, the U.S.’s acting ambassador, and lots of social networking users condemned the assault on Rasheed.

Ghani at an announcement said Rasheed had spent several years working to institutionalize democracy and transparency in the electoral procedure.

“By carrying out such strikes, the enemies can’t push the existing Afghanistan, that has attained recent progress and accomplishments with all the tireless efforts and sacrifices of these people,” he explained.

“He worked tirelessly for many years to guarantee clear and free elections participated all Afghans,” he explained. “His departure is a loss for his loved ones, friends, and state.”

In another attack in the capital Wednesday, a police car was targeted with a sticky bomb at the eastern region of the city. The bomb killed one police officer and injured two others, based on Faramarz.

Nobody immediately claimed responsibility for either attack, however, the Islamic State team has claimed responsibility for several strikes in Kabul lately, such as on academic institutions which killed 50 people, the majority of these students.

IS took responsibility for an attack in Kabul on Tuesday where a roadside bombing tore through a car killing five individuals, three of them physicians on their way to operate in the city’s most important penitentiary.

One of the deceased was Nazefa Ibrahimi, the acting health director of the prison. Another physician was in serious illness.

IS stated it targeted prison administrators at the assault. The victims’ car, a white automobile, did not seem to have any markings on it indicated its passengers were medical employees.

Founded in Afghanistan has jeopardized even through Taliban and Afghan government peace discussions, which started in September. The discussions, following some current incremental progress, have been suspended until early January and there’s speculation that the resumption might be further postponed.

At precisely the same time, Taliban militants have waged bitter conflicts with IS fighters, especially in eastern Afghanistan, while continuing their insurgency against government forces and maintaining their promise to not assault U.S. and NATO troops.

There were no casualties because of the attack, based on NATO and provincial officials.