Al Roker to take Some Time off work to Combat prostate cancer

NEW YORK — Weatherman and morning TV co-host Al Roker has shown he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is undergoing surgery to have his prostate removed.

“good news is that we caught it early. The not fantastic news is it’s somewhat competitive, so I will be taking time off to look after this.”

Roker revealed he obtained the identification on Sept. 29. It started with a routine physical when his physician discovered he had an increased prostate-specific antigen within his bloodwork. That resulted in him becoming an MRI, followed by a biopsy, to confirm his identification.

The 66-year-old TV character advocated others at risk — especially Black men — to make sure they see a physician and receive the appropriate checkup to prevent cancer which is extremely treatable if found early.

“The issue for African Americans is that some number of motives from genetics to get into healthcare, therefore we would like to ensure it is available and let folks know they must get checked,” Roker said.

Roker, a father of three, was himself when he obtained the diagnosis. “I feel bad because I did not inform Deborah to come with me,” he explained. “In hindsight, boy I wish I had told her to emerge “