Albania Transports IS terror Mobile suspect to Germany

BERLIN — Albania has moved to Germany that a Tajik man accused of being a part of a cell of the Islamic State team that allegedly planned to assault U.S. military centers in Germany, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Four additional Tajiks were detained in Germany in mid-April and their alleged chief was taken into custody in March 2019.

Prosecutors stated Komron B. along with another suspect combined IS in January 2019 and based mobile in Germany on the group directions, originally planning to go to Tajikistan and struggle that nation’s government. Then they supposedly changed plans and decided to execute strikes in Germany, possibly on U.S. military centers or on people — such as an unidentified individual residing in Germany they believed essential of Islam.

Included in the attempts to increase cash for their strategies and also for IS, among the mobile’s members traveled to Albania to conduct a contract killing for $40,000 but the strategy collapsed, prosecutors said. He and another defendant who’d traveled with him afterward returned to Germany.

Komron B. was detained in Albania on April 29.