Algerian jailed for 28 years for Notre Dame Assault on police

PARIS — A Paris court on Wednesday declared an Algerian man for 28 years after convicting him of attempted terrorist murder for assaulting police guarding Notre Dame Cathedral with a hammer in 2017, crying: “It is really for Syria!”

The attack by Farid Ikken, now 43, outside one of France’s most-visited monuments came following a string of Islamic extremist attacks around France in 2015-2016 and was one of the multiple violent acts targeting security forces.

From the Notre Dame episode, one police officer was lightly hurt, and Ikken — a former doctoral student — was shot and wounded by officials. At least 600 people were trapped within the 12th-century cathedral whilst police procured the surrounding streets and combed the pews.

In the time prosecutors said police found a statement of allegiance to the Islamic State set in a self-filmed video on his home computer but said the attacker appeared to have acted independently.