Amnesty International says there Is’Plausible but Upsetting evidence’ Which Nigerian Government fatally shot protesters

“While we continue to look into the killings, Amnesty International wishes to remind the government which under international law, security forces might just resort to using deadly force when strictly unavoidable to protect against the imminent danger of death or severe harm,” that the London-based human rights firm composed on Twitter late Tuesday.

The demonstrations are mostly peaceful, but worries have spiraled lately and governments have enforced an indefinite 24-hour curfew in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

The Lagos state commissioner for advice, Gbenga Omotoso, said Tuesday that”there were reports of shooting” in the Lekki toll gate, one of the principal streets into Lagos’s business district, after the announcement of this curfew. Hundreds of protesters are gathering at the toll gate in Lekki, a rich suburb of Lagos.

“The State Government has ordered an investigation into the episode,” Omotoso stated in an announcement submitted on his Twitter accounts. “Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has proposed that the safety agents not to arrest anybody due to this curfew, which he urges citizens to watch for the calm atmosphere most of us cherish.”

The video shown on Nigeria’s Channels Television appeared to catch the audio of live rounds being fired in the scene.

Critics of the protest movement, which utilizes the social networking hashtag #EndSARS, assert the Nigerian authorities ordered the elimination of surveillance cameras in the Lekki toll gate and also for the lights to be closed off before directing security forces to open fire on protesters there Tuesday.

He’s also cautioned that the rising protests have”degenerated to a monster that’s threatening the well-being of the society”

“Lives and limbs are dropped as criminals and miscreants are currently hiding under the umbrella of those protests to unleash mayhem on the country,” Sanwo-Olu stated in another announcement submitted on his official Twitter accounts Tuesday.

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The governor said one individual who was recently confessed to a Lagos hospital has expired”because of blunt force injury to the head”

“That is an isolated instance. We’re still exploring if he had been a protester,” Sanwo-Olu tweeted Wednesday.

There were over a dozen other people who stayed hospitalized” with moderate to moderate levels of accidents,” he tweeted earlier.

The Lagos state government has ordered the closure of public and private colleges amid the unrest. Meanwhile, the U.S. Consulate General in Lagos remained closed Wednesday after shutting its doors each day before on account of the violence.

“Though most demonstrations are peaceful, some are very violent and have closed down major thoroughfares and bridges,” that the consulate said in a statement Tuesday. “We continue to urge all U.S. taxpayers to prevent regions around protests and demonstrations and also to assess local media for updates and traffic advisories.”

Armed audiences attacked two correctional facilities in Edo country on Monday, alerting almost 2,000 inmates, according to a statement from Mohammed Manga, spokesman for the Nigerian Ministry of Interior, which stated the perpetrators were”protesters allegedly beneath the #EndSARS aegis.” There also have been attacks on police stations in Lagos country, according to the governor.

Gunshots were heard again in Lagos on Wednesday as a few protesters continued to show regardless of the curfew. People put fire to a tv news channel in Lagos and a part of the Nigerian Ports Authority headquarters.

Nigeria’s Inspector-General of Police Mohammed Adamu has arranged the national deployment of anti-riot authorities and has advised that the Nigerian Police Force to”exercise the full powers of law enforcement to avoid any additional effort on property and lives of citizens,” according to a statement.

Rihanna posted a photograph on her Instagram accounts, revealing a protester holding a blood-soaked Nigerian flag.

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, who’s the Democratic Party nominee, issued a statement late Tuesday urging Nigeria’s president military” to stop the brutal crackdown on protesters.”

“The United States should stand with Nigerians that are demonstrating for police reform and trying an end to corruption within their democracy,” Biden said. “I invite the authorities to take part in a good-faith conversation with civil society to tackle these longstanding grievances and work to get a more inclusive and just Nigeria.”

“The disbanding of SARS is just the initial step in our commitment to extensive police reform to be certain that the most important responsibility of the authorities and other law enforcement agencies remains the security of lives and livelihood of our people,” Buhari, who’s a retired general of the Nigerian Army, said in a statement on Oct. 12. “Meanwhile, it’s very important to realize that the great majority of women and men of the police force are hardworking and diligent in doing their responsibilities. The few bad eggs shouldn’t be permitted to tarnish the image and standing of their force.”