Amnesty Int’l halts India operations, Mentioning gov’t reprisals

NEW DELHI — Human rights watchdog Amnesty International said Tuesday it was stopping its performance in India, citing reprisals in the authorities along with the freezing of its bank balances by the Indian government.

Amnesty International India said in a statement that the company had set off its employees in India and revived its continuing effort and study work on consumer rights, alleging that the Indian government froze its bank balances on suspicions of violating rules on overseas funds.

The announcement said that the government’ activities were”the most up-to-date from the stern witch-hunt of individual rights associations” by India’s authorities” over unfounded and prompted allegations,” and the team’s”legal fundraising version” was being depicted as money laundering since it’s contested the”administration’s tomb inactions and excesses.”

The Indian government didn’t immediately confirm whether Amnesty India’s bank account was suspended.

Amnesty India’s executive manager, Avinash Kumar, said the accounts were suspended as a consequence of the team’s”unequivocal calls for transparency from the government” and responsibility of New Delhi authorities and the Indian authorities concerning”grave human rights violations in Delhi riots” and also Indian-administered Kashmir.

“To get a movement which has done nothing but increase its voices from injustice, this newest attack is comparable to freezing dissent,” Kumar said in a statement.

Amnesty International stated the only other nation where it stopped operations was Russia, in 2016.

It’s not the first time that Amnesty India has said Indian governments targeted its operations. In 2018, the Indian government raided its division and froze its bank account on similar charges.

In 2016, it confronted sedition charges after Hindu nationalists objected to an event held at the southern city of Bangalore to explore human rights violations from the contested region of Kashmir. The charges had been dropped three decades later.

The rights team regularly accuses Indian governments of committing human rights violations in Indian-administered Kashmir and has published multiple reports about the raging battle in the area.

Back in August, it stated Indian authorities violated human rights throughout deadly religious riots in New Delhi earlier this year also accused the authorities of beating protesters, torturing detainees, and sometimes participate in riots with Hindu mobs.

Police say over 50 people were killed when clashes broke out between Hindus and Muslims over contentious citizenship legislation in February from the worst rioting in the Indian capital in years.

Amnesty International’s acting secretary-general, Julie Verhaar, known as the freezing of their bank account an”egregious and shameful act” from the Indian authorities.

“It’s a gloomy day when a state of India’s prestige, increasing global power and also a part of the UN Human Rights Council, with a constitution that devotes to individual rights and whose federal human rights movements have affected the planet, so brazenly attempts to silence individuals who pursue responsibility and justice,” Verhaar stated in a statement.

Critics of Modi’s celebration have habitually tagged critics as”anti-nationals,” and the police have dealt with lots of rights supporters and activists with an iron fist.