Amy Cooper, Girl in racially-charged Central Park birdwatcher 911 Telephone, expected to plead guilty

Amy Cooper, the girl charged with phoning 911 and falsely accusing a Black guy of threatening her in New York’s Central Park, appeared in court via video Wednesday to indicate she is ready to plead guilty and solve her situation through community services.

Amy Cooper was captured on a movie on May 25 at a verbal dispute with birdwatcher Christian Cooper.

Christian Cooper stated he watched Amy Cooper walking her puppy off-leash, contrary to the area’s principles, and started recording Amy Cooper on his phone after he stated he requested her to leash her puppy. Also, he stated he provided dog treats to attempt to lure the puppy from a plant bed.

Amy Cooper called 911 and stated that an”African American guy” was threatening her and her puppy. At another call to 911, Amy Cooper alleged Christian Cooper” attempted to attack” her.

“Together with the authorities in a means which was racially offensive and made to bully is something which can not be dismissed.”

Illuzzi stated Amy Cooper is ready to”take responsibility for her actions” via a program designed together with all the defense to”teach the neighborhood on the injury brought on by such actions.”

The judge agreed to convert the charging device from criticism to information, an indication Amy Cooper is ready to plead guilty when her case returns to court on Nov. 17.

“This procedure may be a chance for introspection and schooling,” Illuzzi explained.

Spiritual Cooper said in a statement Wednesday, “My attention was and has been fixing policing and fixing systemic racism. The immediate thing we can do to address systemic racism is a vote that the White nationalist from this White House on November 3rd.”

He moved on, “that I think that it’s the first step. I believe she has gotta do some reflection on what occurred because up until now when she made that announcement… it was only a battle involving a birder and a puppy walker, and she then took it into a very dark location. I believe she has a type of test and how that occurred.”