AP PHOTOS: Former shipping container Manufacturer uses them to farm

HONG KONG — After a profession producing transport containers that haul cargo across the Earth, Arthur Lee has stayed with them in retirement, together with them to boost fish and crops.

Some can also be used as ponds for fish.

The law is offered to supermarkets in the crowded city of 7.5 million that’s made to import the majority of its meals.

Lee utilizes the most recent technology to track his crops. The controlled surroundings within the boxes utilize a hydroponic drip method to provide nutrition, remove the need for herbicides and pesticides, and reduce threats from insects, little animals, and poor weather.

And when Lee loses his rent, he could load his container onto trucks and transfer it everywhere with minimal disturbance.

Shipping container farms also have removed in nations around the globe with wildly varying environments, from freezing to tropical, and also on scales ranging from containers to heaps. Many are situated in urban regions where fresh produce can easily be delivered to shops or directly to customers. While veggies, fruits like berries, and freshwater fish are one of the most popular, many growers have turned into increasing high-protein pests as meals nutritional supplement.

Controlled surroundings agriculture is only 1 use for transport containers, both old and new. In poorer countries, they are generally employed as stores with the extra benefit of locking up closely at the final time. In more wealthy countries, they’ve been turned into miniature houses, painting studios, coffee stores, garden sheds for amateurs as well as swimming pools. Online, containers can be purchased for approximately $4,000, together with fundamental home conversions heading for $30,000 or more.