Apple Enters One New Round Popular E-Book Price-Fixing Fight

In its attempt to obtain a foothold in a market long dominated by Amazon, Apple ran afoul of antitrust law.

Apple is slipping back beneath the judicial procedure Monday at a legal struggle that could bear huge consequences for the e-book marketplace.

In an attempt to stress Amazon — then and now a goliath of this e-book marketplace — Apple and those publishers had agreed to place the purchase price of e-books greater than Amazon’s favorite cost. The judge denounced these arrangements as collusion, making her verdict in no unclear terms.

To think Apple’s situation, she continued, “that a fact-finder will be faced with all the herculean task of describing away reams of files and blinking in the apparent.”

While the publishers depended on their side of this situation early on, Apple has vowed to keep battling. The most recent round is expected to help explain the authorized line drawn between favorable company arrangements and collusion.

As Philip Elmer-DeWitt notes from Fortune:

“When the Department of Justice billed Apple with conspiring to fix the purchase price of e-books, the situation has been seen in the Silicon Valley and New York publishing circles as a mistake of authorities.

“Why was Apple, a giant in its own right but a fresh entrant from the e-book marketplace, being prosecuted rather than the other giant, Amazon? …

“However, when District Judge Denise Cote sided with the DOJ and mastered that Apple had violated the Sherman Antitrust Act, what was a matter of authorities became a matter of law”

Even though Monday’s hearing is expected to last about one hour, a judgment will not be left for many weeks longer. And Elmer-De Witt states a verdict contrary to Apple could very well signify this situation is headed to the Supreme Court.

Jeb Gets Bookish: At a TV interview Sunday, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush declared that he hopes to launch an e-book focusing on political coverage” early next year” Unsurprisingly, the choice — coupled with his plans to make people some 250,000 emails throughout his governorship — has attracted a cloud of speculation about exactly what it charms for a possible White House bid.

The BBC declared its aims to incorporate the narrative, which supposes that the killing of the former British prime minister, in its favorite Book at Bedtime radio slot in January. The conclusion, similar to the story’s book only months past, was greeted with a chorus of criticism from conservative politicians and books alike.

In remarks offered to the Daily Mail, a former cabinet minister went so far as to telephone Mantel’s job”a sick publication from a sick mind.”

For her role, Mantel answered the criticism in speech no less powerful.

“There is not any need for any author to justify or explain herself to folks who do not have any interest in fiction except as it feeds their dim sense of being hurt in some manner,” Mantel continued. “The story speaks for itself, and that I stand behind it”

One More Modiano For English Readers: Recently named Nobel laureate Patrick Modiano proceeds to draw the benefits of winning the prize. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has declared it will release an English translation of his latest book, So You Don’t Get Lost in the local, in overdue 2015. The publication, which premiered in French this autumn, is the most up-to-date in a wave of statements ushering the French novelist’s work into English.

The decoration, which annually goes to a publication printed in Arabic but not in English, aims to promote the translation and dissemination of biblical literature. M. Lynx Qualey reports which Ziada is your first Sudanese author to win the award.

However, as PRI warns, you would better schedule a consultation.