Armenia says cathedral shelled during clashes by Azerbaijan

YEREVAN, Armenia — Armenia accused Azerbaijan on Thursday of committing a historical cathedral from the separatist land of Nagorno-Karabakh, where almost two weeks of heavy fighting has killed countless people.

The Holy Savior Cathedral also called the Ghazanchetsots Cathedral, had its dome pierced by a shell that also damaged the inside.

Media reports said some kids were within the palace from the town of Shusha in the time of the shelling, and even though they weren’t injured, they suffered from anxiety after the assault.

Months after, the cathedral came under shelling that injured two Russian journalists, among whom had been hospitalized in grave condition, according to Armenian officials.

The Armenian Foreign Ministry denounced the depositing as a”massive crime along with also a challenge to the civilized humankind,” warning Azerbaijan that targeting spiritual websites amounts to a war crime.

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry refused to attack the palace, stating its military”doesn’t aim cultural, historical and, especially, religious monuments and buildings.”

“I feel that the pain which the walls of the lovely palace are ruined,” he explained. “I believe the pain that now the entire world doesn’t respond to what is happening here and our boys are dying defending our Motherland.”

It had been revived after battling between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces in the 1990s and is a part of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

The most recent outburst of fighting between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces started Sept. 27 and indicate the largest escalation of this decades-old battle over Nagorno-Karabakh. The area is located in Azerbaijan but continues to be under command of ethnic Armenian forces backed by Armenia because of the conclusion of a separatist war in 1994.

After having a succession of calls with all the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan, Russian President Vladimir Putin late Thursday suggested a cease-fire to permit the parties to swap offenders and gather the dead bodies.

The Kremlin reported that foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan were encouraged to Moscow on Friday for consultations to go over the truce.

Struggling with heavy artillery, warplanes and drones have lasted despite numerous foreign calls to get a cease-fire. Both sides accuse each other of enlarging the hostilities past Nagorno-Karabakh and of targeting civilians.

As stated by the Nagorno-Karabakh army, 350 of its servicemen are killed since Sept. 27. Azerbaijan has not provided details about its army losses. Cases of civilians on either side have also been murdered.

Also on Thursday, Azerbaijani officials detained Armenian forces for assaulting a few of its villages and cities, also Nagorno-Karabakh forces said that they had been”suppressing the action” of Azerbaijani forces along the line of touch.

Residents are still staying in shelters, a few of which are in the form of apartment buildings.

A woman who’s sheltering with her neighbors in Stepanakert stated the fighting murdered her two sons in 1992 and her grandchildren are involved with it.

The girl, who identified herself only by her first name, Zoya, told The Associated Press that”when it’s essential, I’m also prepared to battle with a weapon in my hands since it’s our land, the land of our ancestors”

Facing global calls to get a cease-fire, Azerbaijan created its state on Armenia’s withdrawal in the area. Turkey has endorsed Azerbaijan in the battle but refused to send fighters into the area.

They’ve called repeatedly for quitting hostilities and beginning peace talks.

He reiterated his country’s full support for Azerbaijan, which he explained has been decided to recover its land.

“The Minsk team until today hasn’t revealed any will to fix this dilemma. The remedy to the problem — that has become gangrene, so to speak, due to Armenia’s uncompromising and spoiled attitude for almost decades — would be for the job to end,” Erdogan said in comments via video for an economic cooperation forum in Istanbul.

“We see that Azerbaijan is very determined in liberating its territory. As Turkey, we encourage with our core Azerbaijan’s righteous battle to recover its land. We encourage all states who defend justice and equity to encourage Azerbaijan,” he added.