Assailants Kill and Shoot Notable Kashmir Attorney

SRINAGAR, India — A prominent attorney was shot by assailants from the primary town in Indian-controlled Kashmir, police and the victim’s relatives said Friday.

Babar Qadri was captured Thursday evening in his house in Srinagar by unknown gunmen, authorities said.

Qadri’s relatives said two guys came to his house and introduced him as his clientele. Since Qadri came out, they fired and fled, they stated.

Authorities said they were exploring.

Qadri, in his late 30s, was a vocal debater on India’s television news stations where he’d want to shield Kashmir’s right to self-determination.

In among recent discussions, he shouted”Down with India!” In a reply to the chant”Down with Pakistan!” From the news station’s anchor.

Lately, Qadri was locked in a bitter feud with a few attorneys about the job of this bar association.

Kashmir is no stranger to targeted killings since 1989 when an armed rebellion erupted from Indian rule in the disputed area. Hundreds are killed in these approaches and human rights groups have blamed both militants and Indian troops for covert killings.

Kashmir is divided between India and Pakistan and the two competitions claim the area completely. Most Muslim Kashmiris encourage the rebel goal the land be united under Pakistani rule or as an independent nation.

New Delhi calls for Kashmir militancy Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. Pakistan denies the charge, and many Kashmiris call it a legitimate freedom struggle.