Australia protests Qatar airport Examinations of women passengers

CANBERRA, Australia — Australia on Monday condemned Qatar authorities’ treatment of women passengers on a trip to Sydney who had been exposed to internal assessments following a newborn baby was found abandoned in a Doha airport.

Australia’s foreign affairs department clarified the treatment of these girls as improper and past conditions where they could provide free and informed consent.

“That is a grossly disturbing, offensive, regarding a set of occasions,” Foreign Minister Marise Payne told reporters. “It is not something I’ve heard of happening in my entire life, in almost any circumstance. We’ve made our views very clear to the Qatari government on this issue.”

Australia would anticipate a report by the Qatari authorities before”we shall establish the upcoming steps,” Payne explained.

She said that the incident was reported to Australian Federal Police, but failed to clarify which actions police could take.

Hamad International Airport management stated the baby was safe and being cared for by social and medical workers.

Medical professionals were worried about the mum’s well-being following the baby was discovered and had asked she be found, the airport said in a statement.

“People who had access to a particular area of the airport in which the newborn baby was discovered were requested to aid in the question,” the announcement added.

Wolfgang Beck, that had been returning home to Australia about the airport, said girls were shot in the airplane irrespective of their age.

“When the girls came back, a lot of these probably all of them were angry. One of these was in tears, a younger girl, and individuals could not think what had occurred,” Back explained.

“They said they needed to take off their panties or their garments from the floor and then it had been scrutinized whether they’d given birth,” Back added.

The passengers are currently in 14-day resort quarantines in Sydney within coronavirus steps.

State-owned Qatar Airways advised Guardian Australia it hadn’t been contacted by some of those passengers at the airport and said it couldn’t comment.

“We love the worries and distress lent to you by the Australian riders that you’ve spoken to and will be exploring these issues with applicable officials and authorities,” a spokeswoman said.