Banksy’s Final COVID-19 tags scrubbed of London Tube train

LONDON — Even if you’re Banksy, tagging is prohibited on London’s Underground.

Transport for London, the transport service for the greater London region, scrubbed the acclaimed road artist’s most up-to-date work on the topic of COVID-19 from among its trains, devoting a visual warning about the hazards of bypassing face coverings.

Banksy uploaded a 59-second movie to his Instagram and YouTube webpages on Tuesday that revealed him spray-painting a Circle Line train.

Then he stenciled his trademark fighters at discreet corners of a railway car. 1 memorable picture indicates a sickly rat using a runny nose which sneezes and spreads a spray of droplets throughout a window.

Transport for London officials states the functions were eliminated due to a rigorous anti-graffiti policy. However, they’re hoping Banksy could be persuaded to label again.

“We’d love to provide Banksy the opportunity to perform a new version of the message for our clients at the right place,” the bureau said in a statement.