Barack Obama to Look on Michelle Obama’s podcast Introduction

LOS ANGELES — The first guest of Michelle Obama’s brand new podcast is going to have a recognizable presidential voice: Barack Obama.

In the premiere episode, the former first lady and her husband will maintain an intimate dialogue about community, the love which forces life and relationships after living eight years at the White House.

“For eight years my life has been filled with mad schedules, juggling huge campaigns, speeches, state records,” Michelle Obama states in the very first episode’s intro. “And of course wanting to raise two brothers and keeping my head above water. But after Barack’s second period ended, the presidency had been and eventually had some time to breathe”

Michelle Obama’s brand new podcast expects to maintain candid and individual conversations focusing on many different topics regarding women’s health, union, and also the benefits of mentorship. The nine-episode series will consist of many guests like talk-show host Conan O’Brien and Valerie Jarrett, businesswoman, and former senior adviser to Barack Obama.

“I don’t need this podcast to become prescriptive… or gift anybody’s thoughts in fact,” she states in the event. “I only want it to feel as if we are sitting with a park bench or at the booth of a restaurant together with all the jukebox playing. And above all, I hope this podcast sparks topics and ideas that all you can start up with on your circles.”

Her podcast is the first name in the continuing collaboration between Spotify and Higher Ground, a manufacturing company founded by Barack and Michelle Obama. This past year, the duo partnered with Spotify to generate exclusive podcasts to get the stage.

The job was an expansion of her 2018 bestselling memoir of the same name and a sort of licensed filmic portrait of Obama.

This past year, she awakened a rock-star-style tour of over 30 cities to market her book.