Barr States US now Too reliant on Chinese Products, services

WASHINGTON — The United States is becoming too reliant on Chinese products and services, such as face masks, medical gowns, and other protective gear designed to suppress the spread of this coronavirus, Attorney General William Barr said Thursday because he cautioned American company leaders contrary to boosting policies beneficial to Beijing.

Barr claimed that China hadn’t only dominated the marketplace on protective equipment, exposing American reliance on Beijing, but had hoarded equipment and obstructed manufacturers from exporting them to nations in need. He accused hackers connected to the Chinese authorities of targeting American universities and companies to steal research linked to embryo growth, leveling the allegation from Beijing hours following Western bureaus made similar claims against Russia.

Barr’s speech at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a portion of a full-court media from the Trump government to denounce China, for example for the alleged economic espionage.

Administration officials recently have stepped up their rhetoric on China, using a New York Post opinion piece by national security advisor Robert O’Brien along with a speech a week at which FBI Director Chris Wray detailed what he said efforts by Beijing to steal American study and invention. He said the FBI has been launching a counterintelligence investigation associated with China about every 10 hours.

Barr’s speech amounted to some broad condemnation of that which he said Beijing’s approaches to acquire an economic upper hand in the 21st century, and also to take part in sway campaigns touching varied corners of American life, such as politics, business as well as amusement.

He warned American company leaders against strict policies beneficial to the Communist authorities, stating that they might run afoul of national foreign lobbying legislation if they do not disclose their relationship with China.

“Their goal varies, however, their pitch is usually the same: that the businessperson has economic interests in China, and there’s a hint that things will go better (or worse) to them based on their reaction to the PRC’s request”

Likewise, he cautioned, schools that welcome Chinese-funded initiatives may unwittingly eliminate control of academic study. And he alleged that Hollywood had fallen under the sway of Beijing, also, accusing filmmakers of censoring themselves to remain in accord with Chinese propaganda.

“Globalization doesn’t necessarily point in the direction of greater liberty. A planet marching to the defeat of Communist China’s drums won’t be a hospitable one for associations which rely on free markets, free trade, or even the free exchange of thoughts,” Barr explained.

Though Trump’s government has condemned China, the president’s relationship with Beijing was complex. He’s spoken at occasions of a successful relationship with Chinese pioneer Xi Jinping, and former national security advisor John Bolton writes in a brand new publication that Trump requested Xi for help with Trump’s reelection bid.