Bill Cosby Attraction set for Dec. 1 at Pennsylvania high court

Cosby, 83, is currently serving a three- to a 10-year prison sentence. A reduced appeals court had declared his conviction, but the nation’s high court agreed this year to critique two important issues in the case.

One entails the trial judge’s decision to allow prosecutors to call five additional accusers to testify about long-ago experiences with Cosby in his 2018 trial. The defense calls for their testimony distant and undependable.

The high court will also consider if the prosecution should have discovered evidence that Cosby had awarded quaaludes to girls previously.

Cosby, a once-beloved comedian extended called”America’s Dad,” became the first star convicted of sexual misconduct at the #MeToo age when he had been convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home near Philadelphia in 2004.

Cosby was detained in December 2015, days before the statute of limitations would have run, following his deposition became public and prosecutors reopened the situation. In his testimony, he acknowledged giving accuser Andrea Constand unidentified tablets that night which she said out her. Cosby’s attorneys called the encounter.

Dozens of girls have come forward over time to accuse Cosby of sexual attack, along with the trial judge deemed him a sexually violent predator.

The Associated Press doesn’t typically identify individuals who say that they are sexual attack victims with their consent, which Constand has granted.