Blair Witch is Arriving to Oculus Quest in time for Halloween

You can observe the show trailer for the frightening VR edition of the game only under.

In the present time, there are not many details as to if Blair lion is coming into other VR devices, such as PlayStation VR around the PS4. With this specific variant of this game being called after the particular device that it is coming to however, it looks like the VR edition of Blair Witch will be exclusive to the Oculus Quest for the near future.

Within her Blair Witch review this past year, Alyssa praised a few of the emotional terror elements of this game, in addition to your loyal canine companion. The match has been rife with bugs at start nonetheless, and that is hoping the match’s a whole lot smoother because of its VR introduction.

Developer Blooper Team first established Blair Witch this past year in August 2019. Ever since that time, the programmer has shown their next match, known as The Moderate, yet another job that appears genuinely dreadful and quite unsettling, and that is with no turned into a VR game.

Blair Witch initially started as a console exclusive for Xbox One in 2019, in addition to releasing PC at precisely the same moment. The same is said of this Medium, which will be launch for the Xbox collection X, Xbox collection S, and PC at any stage after in 2020.