Bobi Wine States bodyguard Murdered in Uganda polls violence

KAMPALA, Uganda — A bodyguard for Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine was murdered and two journalists wounded on Sunday amid brutal confrontations between security forces and followers of their singer and lawmaker who’s challenging the nation’s long-time leader.

The sufferer, Francis Senteza, was assaulted while helping transport a journalist hurt in a previous confrontation between authorities and a bunch of Wine’s assistants, he explained.

Wine has been campaigning Sunday in portions of central Uganda where he has considerable assistance.

Cameraman Ashraf Kasirye, a part of a TV team that follows Wine where he moves, suffered a critical head injury.

“We’re hoping against hope he is going to live,” Wine said of Kasirye on Twitter.

Another journalist, Ali Mivule of neighborhood broadcaster NTV, was injured after a tear gas canister struck his leg, according to his employer. His condition was stated to be steady.

Authorities said in a statement that while attempting to quell confrontations with Wine’s assistants, “journalists were unfortunately captured up throughout the practice of dispersing the abusive group” Kasirye is in critical condition after being seemingly struck by a tear gas canister,” it stated.

The Ugandan military spokesperson, Brig. Flavia Byekwaso, contested Wine’s version of events, stating the bodyguard dropped while attempting to jump right into a speeding automobile.

The 3 casualties would be the most recent victims of election-related violence because Uganda’s security forces are accused of attempting to prevent Wine from holding raucous public agendas.

Uganda faces growing pressure from the global community and rights watchdogs to honor human rights before surveys scheduled for Jan. 14.

President Yoweri Museveni, who has held power since 1986, confronts the powerful challenge of Wine, which appeals to young people wanting to observe a reversal of government. Museveni’s government is often criticized for corruption in addition to widespread joblessness from the metropolitan centers. Wine has urged Museveni to retire, stating he’d assure his safety.

Wine’s effort events have come to be increasingly influenced by violent confrontations with police and he has been detained many times by authorities who accuse him of attempting to disrupt public order.

The electoral government on Saturday banned effort occasions in certain metropolitan areas, including the capital Kampala, citing an urgent requirement to restrain the spread of this coronavirus. That decision was criticized by many who view it as a ploy to stop resistance figures from showing their service in places where the ruling party isn’t too common.

Museveni can find more time in office following lawmakers eliminated the past inherent barrier — age limitations — into a potential lifetime presidency for its 76-year-old leader.