‘Borat’ Celebrity gives church $100K after Penis appears in Movie

OKLAHOMA CITY — Actor Sacha Baron Cohen, who stars in”Borat Following Moviefilm,” given $100,000 to the church of a girl who thought she had been taking a part in a documentary but rather was being showcased in the mockumentary comedy movie.

Jeanie Jones, 62, thought she was recruited by her place of worship, Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, at Oklahoma City to mentor a teen called”Tutar” who arrived in the U.S. together with her dad by a growing nation. However, Jones did not find out before the movie premiered on Amazon Prime a week which”Tutar” was a celebrity as well as the guy — whom she thought was that the woman’s father — was Cohen.

Scobey added that he and other church members were not conscious of the film.

Scobey stated he was not surprised by the contribution, only the amount, noting that the cash was earmarked for neighborhood usage, The Oklahoman reported. Scobey added that Cohen understood the church as a community hub where folks gather for religious confidence and help.

The film follows Borat Sagdiyev, depicted by Cohen, as he returns to America out of Kazakhstan, along with his daughter depicted by Maria Bakalova, to offer you a”bribe” to American leaders. It’s a sequel to”Borat,” which premiered in 2006.

Following the newest movie’s introduction, many on Twitter clarified Jones’ personality as the film’s protagonist, ethical compass, and breakout star. But she is only relieved that”Tutar” wasn’t in trouble.

Jones hasn’t seen the film but she said among the movie’s producers called to check on her later it had been published. Cohen achieved to her on Wednesday, ” said Jones, who noticed that the call was”insightful”

Scobey began a GoFundMe accounts for Jones, stating that she thought the situation was real and she lost her job for a counseling service secretary job due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jones said Thursday she had been amazed to listen to $128,000 had been contributed.

“It’s wonderful. I would not ever expect nothing similar to this,” she added.

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