Brazil’s Bolsonaro alleges fraud against US presidential election

RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro — that occasionally has adopted the tag”Trump of the Tropics” — said Sunday he will wait a bit longer before recognizing that the U.S. election success of Joe Biden.

Talking to reporters while casting a ballot in civil races, also, he echoed President Donald Trump’s allegations of irregularities at the U.S. vote.

“I have my sources of advice there was lots of fraud,” he explained. When it had been sufficient to specify (success ) for the other, I do not understand.”

Asked if he’d recognize Biden’s success, he explained, “I’m holding back a bit more.”

Also, he expressed doubts concerning Brazil’s current electronic voting system, which he’s suggested is vulnerable to fraud. He’s urged the nation to return to a paper ballot system for its 2022 presidential election.

The conservative Brazilian pioneer has appealed to the same form of right-wing populist foundation in Brazil which Trump has courted in the USA, also has welcomed comparisons into the U.S. president.

Like Trump, he’s embraced unproven treatments for COVID-19 and has campaigned to facilitate restrictions intended to fight it, asserting the financial loss is significantly more detrimental than the illness.