Broadcaster: Boris Johnson’s Dad seeks French citizenship

LONDON — As Britain prepares to divide in the European Union, the daddy of Prime Minister Boris Johnson seems to be seeking closer ties with the bloc by using for citizenship.

Stanley Johnson told broadcaster RTL on Thursday he had been in the practice of”reclaiming” his French identity.

“It isn’t a matter of getting French. If I understand properly, I’m French. Her mom was utterly French, as was her mommy,” he told RTL, which stated Johnson is putting with a French citizenship petition. “So for me, it’s a matter of regaining what I have.”

He’s since expressed support for his child because the prime minister led the U.K. from the bloc.

After Britain leaves the EU’s economic adopt at 11 p.m. (2300GMT) on Thursday, Britons will drop the automatic right to reside and operate from the 27 EU states, but those who have dual nationality will continue to be in a position to achieve that.

“I will remain European. That’s certain,” Stanley Johnson stated. “You can’t tell the English:’You aren’t European.’ Europe is more than the frequent market, over the European Union. However, with that said, yes, using a connection such as this to the European Union is critical.”