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Büyüyen çoçuklar .com Reviews – Read More Things The tendency towards sustainable and natural products is growing worldwide. If it comes to children’s goods, the customer is significantly more meticulous than previously. Meeting of these residents in 7elephants two decades back to generate healthful and trendy products for kids in Turkey and proceeded with organic ingredients for healthy kids it started designing furniture and cloth solutions.

You layout ergonomic and natural children’s furniture and natural cloth goods for 0-6 years old kids.

The fun design travel of 7elephants, which we created as two Turkish and Korean business girls, relatives and mother, began in April 2016. Our objective is for our kids daily, ageless, 100% cotton, which will be comfy and style was supposed to make goods in Turkey. We started our layouts with furniture. We made our very first collection with natural coloured furniture with curved corners and plug-in systems. Afterwards, we made the”7elephants Children” collection with fabric toys and products compatible with this layout. Now our 7elephants travel has the layouts we made with joy.

We create our productions in collaboration with businesses which comply with our comprehension and company ethics. Already 7elephants we desired to keep living in our goal to set up the exchange of sensible mother in Turkey and Europe. Because of this, we haven’t left our rule of 100% cotton in furniture, particularly natural gloss, and fabric. The amigurumi toys we create don’t include details like buttons which could be harmful to kids. Additionally, its materials are soft and pliable.

You don’t use paint in your furniture and just apply water-based gloss on walnut timber.

Our design furniture using natural polished walnut timber and the completely interlocking system is acceptable for the world-renowned Waldorf education version. We don’t utilize any sort of gloss that threatens children’s health in our goods, and we execute secure and cautious productions using a layout logic.

How would be the manufacturing procedures of the garments carried out?

We execute the creation, advertising and sales of our fabric collections, which we built with excitement and pleasure utilizing the colours of character, with our cautious producers and company partners enjoy us.

As kids develop, their clothes and furniture will need to be constantly renewed. What practical options would you provide for this particular circumstance?

These steps are designed considering child growth. In our fabric goods, because we never pick tight layouts or uncomfortable clothes which will fit the kid, our products may also appeal to quickly expanding kids. Our primary philosophy is to create designs which may be used for quite a while, convenient for tendencies, classic, natural and bring relaxation to the fore.

That comes first to you; Can it be the substance or the kind you use?

The comprehension of the layout should incorporate both. Also, we base our designs on both the shape and substance. But, our cloth goods are 100% cotton, comfy and helpful; The blend of substance and form is crucial for us in our furniture. From varnish to timber in the substances we utilize From cloth to buttons and toys, we’ve not compromised on our beginning point.

How will sustainable alternatives designed for children’s layouts impact the whole fabric and furniture market?

Provided that the layout is timely and operational, it’s the real layout. The basis of this design is to make life simpler and more pleasurable. Additionally, every layout should include emotions which will make the client feel good and unique. But, simplicity is necessary for the design for kids to have a room where they can specify and grow. The newly created products direct the kids with fancy and heroes rooms rather than developing their own plain and exceptional imaginations. Our principal purpose is to introduce a planet without interpretation for kids, who are miracles and personalities, where they could express themselves. Our goal from the layouts we make with colours and textures will be to find kids growing up by detecting themselves.

For a mother, what’s it like to style with inspiration from the kids?

The commencement of our trip and each detail within our designs came to life according to our adventures in motherhood. Due to our adventures, we had the chance to identify what kids need. The particular world of each youngster is quite wealthy, and their fantasies and viewpoints are too amazing to be led. Every kid who remains in his world is also an outstanding teacher.

What type of problems did you experience in the industry as women entrepreneurs?

Since 7elephants’ two spouses, we didn’t face any problems in creating our new. To the contrary, our buddies have been with us offers which will open our manner. Having a booth in the Galeries Lafayette shop was the consequence of the particular award. We became famous and loved at the national market at a really limited time. Our alliance as two spouses had a terrific impact on this. Today 7elephants is an overseas traveller. We’ll continue to describe ourselves there using the same excitement.

Can you inform us about the practice of 7elephants carrying its location in Meeting?

The assembly of 7elephants and Meeting is caused by our intimate friendships and honest approaches. Since Assembly Director Neylan Matban was our buddy, we sincerely thought of the energy of this area we saw in the very first construction phase and this energy will go back to us when it’s completed, and it occurred. As our firm grows, we plan to expand into bigger areas in Meeting.

How did working at a brand new generation office design like meeting affect your creative procedures?

Its interior design and colours within the building also give workers peace of mind. This manner, we maintain quite productive meetings in our workplace.

What type of transformations anticipates the workplace design later on?

Office designs, later on, will probably accommodate people’s changing demands. Google’s office layouts are the very best examples of the transformation. The workplace comprehension that appeals to the joy, relaxation, wishes and fantasies of its workers will dominate the workplace designs of their future. Folks may wish to work in areas where they feel nice and have practical solutions and above all, soul.