Call of Duty: Modern Warfare C4 nerf has Gamers Inadvertently blowing up Themselves in Warzone

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare year 6 has greatly nerfed that the C4, and you may say it has not gone down with a bang.

It is going to come as very good news to squads ill of being team-wiped with one C4 for their automobile, but a few players have not got used to the thing’s severely reduced casting span.

Another user caught a wonderful contrast of the C4’s behavior both before and after the patch, which provides you a fairly good idea of exactly how much it has been nerfed for period 6.

One participant even was able to win a match of Call of Duty: Warzone by default following their competitor unintentionally blew up themselves using a C4 throw which did not quite launch so far as they had been expecting.

Call of Duty gamers appears divided on the effect of the nerf, particularly between people who have lost their favorite equalizer, and many others who’ve too often seen ourselves on its receiving end.

The likelihood is that C4 fans will gradually find out new approaches that workaround the volatile’s updated status, closing the openings enemies before going to get a fast detonation.

In terms of the rest of us? We can drive around Verdansk a bit safer in the understanding that a chump is not likely to ruin our vehicle out of about ten yards off.