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cast passion 2021 And judas passion 2021 Read More Details

cast passion 2021 And judas passion 2021 Read More Details

Cast Passion 2021 And Judas Passion 2021 Read More Details New and present elements make sure that the 11th version gets familiar and advanced. With a rather diverse cast, a digital procession and a very clear call to be prepared for many others: #ikbenervoorjou. For the very first time, English tunes are sung in Dutch.

The throw

Freek Bartels and Trijntje Oosterhuis perform the roles of Jesus and Mary from the eleventh version of The Fire this season. Artist Rob Dekay takes on the part of Judas and KRO-NCRV presenter Anita Witzier as a reporter picks up stories from throughout the nation and reports about the digital procession.

Universal narrative

After ten decades, The Cast Passion 2021 is only going to be broadcast by KRO-NCRV this past year. KRO-NCRV considers it’s essential that this universal story about love for others is still told and allure to everybody – young, old, religious or not. The previous variant, which was dedicated to the doubt in corona time, highlighted the requirement from the Netherlands for link, inspiration and hope which this Easter event provides. This is also highlighted in this variant.

cast passion 2021 And judas passion 2021 Read More Details

Reputable and revived

The traditional Easter narrative remains at KRO-NCRV, though the revived narrative incorporates extra scenes and more recognizable and present components. Another invention from the Passion is that the Dutch translation of quite a few great English-language strikes which will seem familiar to a lot of viewers. Last week, Trijntje Oosterhuis gave listeners a trailer of this Dutch interpretation of Eric Clapton’s song’Tears in Heaven’ from the radio app Gijs 2.0. Freek Bartels, Rob Dekay and Leo Alkemade also surprised audiences in De Vooravond tonight with a live performance in this season’s theme tune, known to many as Will Be There for You by The Rembrandts. There’s an even larger arsenal of tunes that may tell the narrative and suddenly acquire a completely new significance within the context of this Passion.

With the topic of the Passion’I is here for you’, the KRO-NCRV wishes to appeal to audiences to be prepared for another. To this end, at the upcoming version of this Passion, reporter Anita Witzier is picking up stories from throughout the nation to connect people more. Anita Witzier:” This motif is extremely important at the moment. Searching after the people about you is something that’s definitely near my heart and I hope we can inspire people and give them confidence. That I think that the Passion is a superb occasion by KRO-NCRV by which we would like to give people inspiration and hope. I am excited about that.

Live TV occasion from host town Roermond

This season, Roermond is your host city of this Fire, in which a stunning setting with a live orchestra, the wide variety of places and the many famous tunes ensure the largest Easter occasion. Since the physical existence of the general public in Roermond won’t be possible this season because of the corona, The Passion will probably be interactive and the viewer could be a portion of this 11th version of the Easter event via

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