Central Vietnam prepares for evacuations Before typhoon

HANOI, Vietnam — Deadly police on Saturday ordered some 460,000 people in the nation’s central place to be prepared for evacuation before Typhoon Vanco, following the storm killed at least 42 people and abandoned 20 others missing from the Philippines, state television reported.

The typhoon, which is predicted to strike Vietnam on Sunday morning, can package winds up to 150 km (93 kilometers ) per hour as it means the nation’s already flood-battered central shore, according to the national weather bureau.

The video aired by national television broadcaster VTV revealed high waves bumped to Ly Son island, situated about 25 km (15 miles) from shore, on Saturday afternoon. Approximately 1,000 people on the island that live by the sea have been transferred to shelters further inland.

Local governments in other central states have been strengthening sea dikes and evacuating older people and children to safe buildings to prevent casualties in the typhoon, VTV explained.

The nation has also closed five suspended and airports train operations across the area, the broadcaster reported.

In only over a month, Vietnam’s central area has witnessed seven tropical storms and typhoons, causing flooding and landslides that killed 235 people and caused an estimated $740,000 in harm in many states.