Check out H-2 cartel Mexican ex-army Leader accused of Helping

MEXICO CITY — Former Mexican defense secretary Salvador Cienfuegos stands accused with U.S. prosecutors of helping the so-called H-2 cartel ship medication to the USA. But in a state where the titles of drug lords and cartels are family words that the H-2 gang abandoned most Mexicans scratching their heads. Here’s What is called the group:


The short reign of Juan Francisco Patrón Sánchez, alias”El H2″ — that the sole name contained in papers originally published by U.S. prosecutors in Cienfuegos’ situation — became famous more for how he died than anything else that he did if he was living.

A successor to Hector Beltran-Leyva, the first”H”, Patrón Sánchez was only a bit of this once-mighty Beltran-Leyva cartel, the team prosecutors have consistently said was very complicated at spying, co-opting and corrupting police officers.

The family-run Beltran Leyva cartel was a top participant in Mexican drug trafficking, together with the management of the U.S. border area in Sonora. However, Hector’s brothers Alfredo and Carlos were detained, and another brother, Arturo, was murdered — by marines, maybe not the military — in 2009.


When some cartels such as the Zetas or even Jalisco preferred to take it out with government forces, the Beltran-Leyva cartel frequently preferred to purchase them, though its associates could occasionally shoot out it when cornered.

Hector Beltran-Leyva, in actuality, was seized peacefully since he dined without obvious stress at a restaurant at the colonial tourist town of San Miguel de Allende.

Patrón Sánchez was residing comfortably and seemingly without anxiety in February 2017 within an upscale house in the western Mexico town of Tepic, close to the Pacific shore.


Mexico’s response seemed to emerge when marines — that are commanded by the navy, not Cienfuegos’ military — started a raid on Patrón Sánchez’s hideout, finish with all the shooting of a storm of bullets in the house in an electronically-controlled”minigun” machine gun mounted on a helicopter.

Night-time footage revealed the way the helicopter’s minigun — a weapon generally used only in war zones and capable of shooting hundreds of rounds per minute — lit up the nighttime skies over town.

Patrón Sánchez and his seven accomplices opened fire on the marines and then barricaded themselves at the top region of the home. The Navy started a grenade launcher and many rifles and pistols were found on the scene. Officials said the helicopter gunship was called in to supply”dissuasive fire,” to curb incoming gunfire in the arrangement.