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Chet Hanks Predicts a”White Boy Summer” Is Coming, Gets Hilariously Dragged From the World Wide Web

Chet Hanks Predicts a”White Boy Summer” Is Coming, Gets Hilariously Dragged From the World Wide Web

Another day, yet another viral instant online. At this moment, however, Chet Hanks is in the middle of focus after submitting an Instagram movie, where he hailed a”white boy ” is on the horizon.

“I only got this feeling guy. . .that this summer is, it is going to become a white boy ” that the 30-year-old star shared Friday, March 26, while recording himself within a vehicle. “Take it the way you want. I am not speaking about Trump, NASCAR sort of whitened.

He reasoned, “I want to know if you guys can vibe with this and prepare, ’cause I’m.”

Who would like to emphasise value additional logistical seller”

“Sitting here imagining the number of times Tom Hanks has needed to convey about Chet,’ I am not angry, I am only disappointed,'” author Carol Ray Hartsell shared.

However many times a person sits me down and explains it to me personally. However often I try to know what this is. I cannot figure this out Chet Hanks thing”

“The very best comedian on the planet could never produce a joke as funny as only a standard thought Chet Hanks has,” DJ Horse Jeans quipped on Twitter. “His mind proceeds on a museum”

Other users remarked on Chet’s family tree, together with one individual imagining, “Chet Hanks is evidence which you could do everything in the world and children will still embarrass tf outta you.”

Another requested. “Something’s not adding up.”

Someone else quipped, “chet hanks is that the cost tom hanks compensated to eventually become tom hanks.”

Around this time this past year, Chet chose Instagram to close down Illuminati conspiracy theories that indicated his loved ones were part of their society.

“You mother–kers will think what you want ’cause you are so f–king dedicated to your bizarre Web conspiracies,” he explained in March 2020, “but I am not in the f–king Illuminati, dude.”

“I obtained this f–king tattoo since I am extremely religious,” he continued, putting a tattoo on his torso, a drawing of the Eye of Providence, frequently utilized about the Illuminati. I feel that God manages everything, has a plan for all.”

The Your Honor celebrity subsequently discussed a movie he posted that revealed him sharing that he had been a member of this mysterious group.

“I had been in that previous video clearly because I am pissed off at everything you mother–kers are f–king stating about my loved ones,” he added, “the absurd, ill f–king s–t you men like to sit and f–king think of is f–king disgusting.”

While Chet has commented about his movies and previous controversies, for example being accused of cultural appropriation, he’s yet to cover the responses to his”white boy summertime” clip.

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