Chicago Cubs made Yu Darvish Commerce in Attempt to reset, Avert MLB Cellar

CHICAGO — Cubs president Jed Hoyer did not need to turn into one of these organizations with minimal ability left in the conclusion of its existing window of emptiness.

So, with a transparent eye ahead, he exchanged superstar pitcher Yu Darvish into the San Diego Padres before this week for four youthful prospects and newcomer Zach Davies.

“There are groups that never had this chance or chose to not accept it,” Hoyer said of retooling.

The Cubs made the postseason in five of the previous six seasons but have escalated in the conclusion of each of their previous three, largely due to an anemic offense.

1 thing Hoyer will not do, however, is a full-scale reconstruct for the next time in a couple of years.

“I am not going to conduct the same playbook that we conducted in 2011 and’12,” Hoyer said. “That would be absurd and… honestly, that playbook was copied so often, it does not function exactly the same way .”

Hoyer suggested a shift was necessary after over a half-decade of spending prospect and money capital to win. It functioned from 2015 to 2017 since Chicago attained the National League Championship Series three seasons, but the offseason and July deadline goes the previous 3 years generated little victory in October.

“We have been aggressive as possible with this group within the last six decades… with prospects, together with cash,” Hoyer said. “At some stage, you’ve got to have one eye on the current and one eye on the long run. … We’ve got lots of really great players, but do we must generate some moves together with the future in your mind following six decades of motions being led on the current? Yes. I believe that is the sensible thing to do.”

Transferring Darvish is probably just 1 part of a bigger strategy by Hoyer, who took over in November if Theo Epstein resigned.

Tuesday’s deal may be the first of many this offseason and following summer.

“The focus with this bargain was to attempt to move a participant on the next half of the contract and get young talent,” Hoyer said. “We retained trading more prospects. We maintained spending money with this group. We are at the time at this time.”

Hoyer won’t dismiss contending at a feeble NL Central at 2021, however, he will not be pushing his chips as the Cubs have achieved previously.

“I am going to have the ability to replicate the connection that I had with Theo,” Hoyer said. “That hope can never be replicated from the interview procedure. … I will wait till I have an opportunity to experience the procedure in how I would like to experience the procedure. To rush this process right now… it did not look like the perfect thing.”