Chilean Person to be flown to France to face murder charge

SANTIAGO, Chile — A Chilean man accused of murdering a Japanese student at France had been taken to Santiago’s airport Wednesday night to be switched over to the French government to get an excursion to Paris.

Judge Jorge Dahm OyarzĂșn, who presided over the proceeding against Zepeda, stated in an email to The Associated Press he had raised the house arrest order and instructed police to permit Interpol officers to move the suspect to the airport.

Zepeda was turned over to French officers Thursday on a plane bound for Paris.

Kurosaki vanished in the wee hours of Dec. 5, 2016, in the flat in France. Zepeda returned to Chile until her disappearance has been researched.

During court proceedings in Chile, Zepeda confessed that he had seen Kurosaki in her flat on the night she vanished, though their amorous relationship had stopped. He explained that they had consensual sex.