China classical music festival to Comprise Wuhan musicians

BEIJING — China is now holding its very first classical music festival because of the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, including artists in the outbreak’s first epicenter to assist in the emotional and psychological healing procedure.

Zou Ye, a composer out of Wuhan, the Chinese town in which the virus was detected late last season, stated that Saturday night’s concert is part of an attempt to work through bitterness and frustration along the way toward tolerance and love and, hopefully, some significance to what he calls”nature’s tremendous revenge”

Over 11 million individuals from Wuhan and its neighboring region failed a draconian 76-day lockdown at the onset of the pandemic. The city accounts for 3,869 of all China’s 4,634 deaths in the virus along with the majority of its over 85,000 cases.

The close of the lockdown on April 8 has been viewed as a key turning point in China’s struggle against the virus, and this has been included, with no cases of local transmission documented in two or more weeks.

The psychological trauma still lingers for several survivors, victims’ families, and front-line wellness employees, and audio can provide another medium for investigating these emotions, Zou said.

“All we would like to do would be to tell the story of the historical event we experienced and that’s changed the Earth, and the way we ought to face the facts and reflect about ourselves,” Zou told The Associated Press. “There’s a great deal of advice at the job — there’s frustration, helplessness, eulogization, and trust.”

Zou said the festival also attempts to provide a ray of hope to artists who’ve suffered economically in the pandemic through a scarcity of acting opportunities.

“This isn’t simple (and) we’re thankful for this”

Amid government attempts to market its successes in combating the virus, Zou said that the festival’s organizers weren’t”doing so for official propaganda”

“The job wasn’t even requested by the police,” he explained. “It was completely out of our purpose.”