China defends food import controls to Suppress virus

BEIJING — China’s authorities on Wednesday defended anti-coronavirus controls which have disrupted imports of beef, fish, and poultry in the USA, New Zealand, and other trading partners.

Customs officials that say the coronavirus was discovered on meat and packaging have enforced temporary suspensions on providers.

The”reasonable and justifiable” curbs are supposed to protect public wellbeing, foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian explained.

China, in which the pandemic started in December, announced the disease in check in March. It’s hoping to prevent new outbreaks resulting from the virus being imported by travelers or about meals.

“The applicable measures China required are essential after the spirit of placing people’s lives and protecting people’s wellbeing,” Zhao said.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand expressed optimism this week that her nation had not exported meat together with all the virus after the Chinese government said it had been discovered on packaging and beef from Bolivia, Brazil, and New Zealand.

In June, China temporarily suspended the import of poultry in U.S.-based Tyson Foods Inc. following the virus had been discovered in one of its farms.

Other products include pork and poultry.