China says it has Seized a Bunch of Taiwanese spies

TAIPEI, Taiwan — China says it’s captured individuals spying for rival Taiwan and broken up a string of espionage cases.

Reports by country TV and other sockets Sunday said several suspects were arrested but gave no identities or numbers for the majority of them.

China and Taiwan split into a civil war in 1949 and also have extensive business ties but no official connections. Both sides frequently gather intelligence on every other.

Security personnel solved over 100 spying instances a part of an initiative called Operation Thunder 2020, China Central Television reported.

It said that he had been arrested in August in a Shenzhen border crossing.

“The videos and pictures he shot are sufficient for skilled espionage organizations investigation. It’s sufficient for them to evaluate our whole troop’s amounts and equipment standing,” stated an undercover police officer interviewed in the section.

It’s uncertain what other info Li was accused of collecting or what other detainees were accused of.

Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council said Monday that the accusations are only”political speculation” on the side.

The authorities criticized a 13-minute-long TV section where Li was revealed confessing as”entirely inconsistent with due process of law”

“I’m sorry, and I believe I have done a lot of wrong things which might have harmed the nation,” Li said on CCTV.