China says that has no interest against meddling during 2020 US Presidential polls

China has no interest in interfering in the US presidential elections, it said on Thursday, following US President Donald Trump said he thought Beijing would attempt to make him shed his re-election bidding in November.

“We expect the people of the US won’t drag China to its election politics”

In an interview for Reuters on Wednesday Trump stated”China will do whatever they could to get me to lose this race”, adding that he thought Beijing desires his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, to win the election to facilitate the pressure Trump has put on China over trade and other difficulties.

Trump also stated during the interview that he was looking at several options concerning implications for Beijing within the coronavirus pandemic.

He along with other leading officials have blamed China for Covid-19, the respiratory disorder brought on by the new coronavirus.

“There are lots of things I could do,” Trump told Reuters. “We are searching for what occurred.”

Geng whined during Thursday’s briefing that China was a casualty of the outbreak rather than its accomplice, including that efforts by”particular politicians” to shift the blame away from their bad handling of this outbreak to Beijing would just”expose the issues of the US itself”.

“The US must understand this: that the enemy would be that the virus, not China,” he explained.