Coldest air of the season Strikes US, Fresh storm is expected on Christmas week

Individuals are digging out up to 3.5 ft of snow in areas of the Northeast as temperatures remain cold with bitter wind chills.

Williamsport, Pennsylvania, watched 24.7 inches, afterward also experiencing its largest snowstorm on record, while southern Vermont watched 42 and Maine watched 28.

Boston watched 13.1 inches, attaining a new daily record.

The majority of New York City watched 10.5 inches, believed the Bronx saw around 12.5 followings its own largest snowstorm in nearly five decades.

For Philadelphia, it was the largest snowstorm to strike in a couple of decades. The town found 6.6 inches of snow.

Refreeze and black ice hockey is going to be the largest difficulty Friday and this weekend across the Northeast.

The region will encounter wind chills throughout Friday, and also a few regions in Maine and New England will dip below zero levels.

The weather will stay chilly although the weekend, with temperatures running 5 to 10 degrees below normal, so the snow is very likely to stick.

A fresh storm will make its way around the U.S. throughout Christmas week, moving from the West Coast into the central U.S. by Wednesday with snow to the north along with ample rain and thunderstorms from the South and Ohio Valley.

From Christmas Eve, the storm will go east with rain and possible thunderstorms.

On the rear side of this storm, even with colder air, rain can turn into snow in the excellent Lakes down to the southern Appalachians.