College Football Playoff sets makeup dates when COVID-19 Compels postponements

If a situation arises in which some of those top four teams can not compete at the College Football Playoff due to COVID-19, the CFP has put January cosmetics dates for the semifinal games and the national championship, CFP executive manager Bill Hancock told ESPN on Wednesday.

If both teams out of 1 semifinal can be found, the game will probably be played as scheduled if the other competition needs to be postponed. If a single semifinal is postponed, the strategy would be to reschedule it for Jan. 11.

“Everybody is intending to play the matches as scheduled,” Hancock said. “The groups, schools’ staffs and bowl staffs are working quite difficult to supply a chance for those players. COVID processes are set up at hotels and stadiums. We’ve prepared completely, and we’re prepared. However, it always makes sense to be ready, even for the situation we do not think will occur.”

Hancock explained the cosmetics dates were ascertained with the thought that the Rose Bowl contains the maximum seed, Alabama.

If any matches are rescheduled, the places could remain the same, Hancock said. The Rose Bowl this season is at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, along with the Sugar Bowl stays in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

“We’ll continue to keep your eye on things and accommodate if we’ve got to,” Hancock said. “Bowl year has gotten off to a thrilling beginning, and we are planning for this to continue.”