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File:Waterhatch - geograph.org.uk - 88196.jpg

Dwho you know who owns waterhatch farm?

Ktcwillis -

File:Hampton Ferry 2 - Evesham - geograph.org.uk - 964400.jpg

When river traffic wants to pass, the ferry man lowers the rope and it sinks to the river bed.

Hungryhumbug -

Hotel Mekarsari Indah, Cileungsi. Tarif Rp 125.000,-

minta numb tlp

Blel Wiliansyah -

File:Elie house from the north - geograph.org.uk - 1804607.jpg

according to the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland the Obelisk was erected to commemorate the Union of Parliaments in 1707.

Ron Oliver -

Boat wreck - Cleethorpes Beach

I can't believe I didn't know about this ,I was born in Cleethorpes too ! It's stunning! Thanks for informing Cath and Linda x

Sarah Webb -

File:Young Pashai man with flowers in his hair.jpg

im saleem pashai
oraf_____lali khan

Lali -

File:Young Pashai man with flowers in his hair.jpg

i love you dare noor afg

Lali -

A Road in Bulan, Sorsogon, Philippines

mas magayon sana may airport nasa Bulan....para mas malaksi an biyahe 12 hours kun by land...:)

jing amriel -

Geolocation photo 20041205

Nice. Thanks for posting nice picture!

Maksym Kozlenko -

File:Brewery Lane, West Scholes - geograph.org.uk - 358715.jpg

This building is wrongly described here. It is West Scholes Hall, and the inscription reads "WHIH 1694", not as listed. thanks.

Fiona Maddison -

مکانی دیدنی با نام بوستان دره سی در نزدیکی روستای چال هما

بوستان دره سیب درسته علی جوون

Asd -

روستای چالهما

دمت گرم علی اقا، خیلی کارت درسته

Ab_rafiee77 -


new telskuf website www.newtelskuf.ql4h.net

Newtelsuf -

File:Burpham Court Farm, Rare Breeds a Speciality^ - geograph.org.uk - 109437.jpg

Cool they really need to sort this palce out !

Phil Marks -

File:Model T Ford at 2009 Newport Hill Climb 3.png

That there is one classy hot rod! It's cool that someone would take the effort to keep that vehicle in running condition. Instead of having footage of it in those old black-and-white reels, you get the chance to see how it performs in full color.

Maria Wegner -

File:Gwesty Hotel Turning - geograph.org.uk - 484479.jpg

I am trying to find the gwesty hotel itself and its impossible

Mand6917 -

Geolocation photo 20041205

 Piazza Santo Stefano, in
the historic center of  Varapodio (Reggio
Calabria-Italy), the new artistic fountain stone hand-carved decorations and
Artwork and sculptures made of solid stone (Lazzaro-Reggio Calabria)
to fine workmanship (following the same decorative elements of the existing
fountain in cast iron), with four fountains worked artistically and surface
Martellina hand (base, column, capital and peak) .

Architects Reggio Calabria -

Geolocation photo 20041211

 Piazza Santo Stefano, in
the historic center of  Varapodio (Reggio
Calabria-Italy), the new artistic fountain stone hand-carved decorations and
Artwork and sculptures made of solid stone (Lazzaro-Reggio Calabria)
to fine workmanship (following the same decorative elements of the existing
fountain in cast iron), with four fountains worked artistically and surface
Martellina hand (base, column, capital and peak) .

Architects Reggio Calabria -

File:2007-07-25 Morteratsch 03.jpg

Hi, we would like to use this picture in a publication. Can you please leave your name and e-mail address? 

Kuppens Ann -

File:Little Theatre, Donnington - geograph.org.uk - 1236295.jpg

Have just found your site when researching the history of a member of the Torrington Players in Devon who has just passed away. Berenice Kendall enlisted in the ATS in 1940 and was a member of the group 'Stars in Battledress'. In 1945 she joined the Garrison Theatre at Donnington where she acted in revues and was a member of the Bluebell Troupe of dancers. Thgought you might like to know. Chedwin1898@aol.com

Tony Easton -

File:Timber ponds information board - geograph.org.uk - 842012.jpg

The walk from Newark Castle along the water front to Parklea Playing fields and Bowling green is worthwhile, before reaching the King George playing fields there is also a Picnic area,which needs a bit of TLC,but still nice , there is a lot of good work going on , could be used more a bus stop closer to the parks would be handy.

Bennywilson -

File:Old Industrial Buildings - geograph.org.uk - 77529.jpg

The mill at st bernard's was a shoddy mill there was two row's of house's and a shop,my farther worked for Roland humphry at room's farm i lived in the house on the bend we lived there from 1951 until the farm was sold along with the hous'e the old tin chaple which i believe was a listed building as had to be knocked down after a fire.

Ack1954 -

Photo at 51° 34′ 27,10″ N 2° 39′ 40,13″ W

The photograph is NOT of the New Passage Hotel. It's an old farm house hence the
outbuildings. The hotel was pulled down in the 1970s. See http://www.flickr.com/photos/b...
the others in the set

Nick -

File:Vegetation along the River Stour - geograph.org.uk - 1621522.jpg

where is the imformation

waterblast7054 -

File:Gallowhill School - geograph.org.uk - 685219.jpg

gallowhill hall, was a great school, its such a shame it got turned into houses, it nwas a great building over 100 years old, 

Garrycooke1 -

File:Haine-Saint-Paul E2JPG.jpg

"I can assure you that my father had never heard of the Beatles," Sarid said this week. "The promoter of course didn't come to the government and say, 'I don't like this other guy and I don't want him to get the money.' He said it is a lousy group and will corrupt the spirit of the wonderful, brilliant, pure Israel youngsters. He exploited their ignorance."

ST Paul Tree Removal -

File:Buenos Aires - Colectivo 141 - 120227 153845.jpg

este es un tatsa carrozado x italbus (y patentado un año y medio después).

ah, de paso, muy buenas fotos.

ojalá te animes a fotear en otras zonas.

y gracias x compartirlas en este tamaño. +10

Guest -

File:Buenos Aires - Colectivo 141 - 120227 155856.jpg

la patente es ick...

Guest -

File:Buenos Aires - Colectivo 67 - 120227 155041.jpg

no, capo, no es 1315: es 1721.

(es más largo y tiene una ventana  más)

Guest -

File:Look out at St Helena, Barry Buddon - geograph.org.uk - 13852.jpg

Nice Pics. Can you say where the name came from St Helena in connection with this area? I'm researching 'Barry' and the hamlets on Buddon such as Cowbyres and the Cop of Cowbyres. Any insight would be appreciated.

Brian40 -

File:Disused Road in Collin - geograph.org.uk - 353485.jpg

This was the old A75 "High Road " looking eastwards towards Annan before the village was by -passed in the 1980's

Norman -

Mille, mops/japanese chin, 2 år.

Er dette tilfeldigvis den søte valpen jeg forelo at skulle hete Mille? :)

Eva-Lena Nielsen Buhaug -

File:River Ebble at Coombe Bisset.jpg

I used to live at The Mill Barn - a lovely property which I partially renovated. Happy days

Pete -

wells cathedral, vault of the lady chapel, completed 1326

How do I get my photos of the cathedral on here?

Paul Hayward -

Manley Hall (or Thickbroom Hall) Weeford, Lichfield, England Built 1833 for John Shawe Manley Demolished 1905

I am the archivist for the Philips family of Heath House, Upper Tean, Staffs. Margaret Christabel Philips married Augustus East Manley and lived at Manley Hall. There is a watercolour of Margaret Christabel as a child and an oil painting of her as a young woman in the collection at Heath House. She died at Browns Hotel, Albemarle Street, London in 1908 on the eve of her departure to Paris. Her daughterLouisa was accompanying her on the trip. Her body was brought back to Weeford to be buried in the family grave. Does anyone have any photographs of the Manley family at Manley Hall or any others of the Hall? I have two photographs of the Hall - one from the front and one from the back. There are some photographs of the demolition of the Hall in the 1960's at the Staffordshire Record Office.
Neil Hatfield

Neil Hatfield -

Wandmalerei in dem Kloster der Rotmützenmönche in Hemis in Ladakh im Norden Indiens. Es ist ein Kloster des Tibetanischen Buddhismus der Drukpa Schule. Es wurde 1672 von dem König Senge Namgyal erbaut…

The art materials used might also change based on whether the mural is interior or exterior. Certain colors are more lightfast and are more appropriate for outdoor work where there is a lot of exposure to light. Some colors are known to fade rapidly and may only be suitable for indoor applications.

canvas wall art -

funny car in Krakow

Well now, that's quite psychedelic. Kudos to the owner and artist of that ride! It seems to be hand-painted, and I bet it would look good during the night, surrounded by lights.

Erwin Calverley -

Photo at 50° 27′ 0,71″ N 30° 32′ 16,29″ O

Зима. Очень красиво! 

Maksym Kozlenko -

File:Old barn - geograph.org.uk - 778004.jpg

What a lovely collection of photographs of the village I lived in with my family until I was 11 years old, this was over 25 years ago now.
The old corrigated barn was actually what we called the stack barn, it was our straw storage for our livestock on Murray field farm.
Myself and my two sisters used to spend  hours playing there, making dens and rope swings over the straw bales, and when our older cousins visited they used to play tin can alley off of the bales, happy times.
Thankyou for sharing these pictures.
 Tracy Gurney

Tracy Gurney -

Estrada Quilombo do Cinzento

adoro minha linda cidade .. muito linda!

Andreia -

File:Hudson Road, Maghull - geograph.org.uk - 1411351.jpg

I went to Hudson school in the late sixties then to Deyes lane. I lived at 124 Grosvenor Road. The pictures brought back mamy memeories. Still a big Everton fan to this day.

Mike dayton -

File:Barton Hall, Strood - geograph.org.uk - 889497.jpg

Barton Hall is now burnt out due to a fire 11-04-2012
along with the crispin that was burnt down 1 year before

Pcmartin -

До градешките минерални бани

знаете ли телефона на хората, които поддържат мястото за спане?

Poli10 -

File:Glebe House, Chiddingstone - geograph.org.uk - 1262520.jpg

This of Coachmans and not of the Glebe House

Stephen -

File:Old Hall - Church, Maghaberry - geograph.org.uk - 671232.jpg

This building was an old Quaker Church that, I believe, fell out of use as the congregation dwindled.

Maconthebox -

File:Headstone at Maghaberry - geograph.org.uk - 671236.jpg

This is a grave which is connected to my family. robert toleton was my grandmother's cousin.

Maconthebox -

Port Leucate, Aude, Frankreich, Les villages naturistes: FKK-Strand beim Club Oasis

I'm planning to travel on the Beach this summer.

Nopal cactus -

File:Borovsk 2x nalichnik 60j.JPG

These windows are dazzling! The boarders are a very minimal add-on, yet they made these windows look even more gorgeous. I can imagine the artistic effort that was exerted in carving these wooden boarders. They're such a lovely piece of art to have in your home. 

Nancy Ferdinand -

File:Borovsk Tsiolkovsky house 11j.JPG


Fred -

Velika Plana, red vožnje Jugoprevoz-a

Sad trebamo nesto kao da vidimo? Ma 'ajde...

Radanovic_aleksandar -