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File:Coach Party arrives at Hell's Mouth - geograph.org.uk - 905313.jpg

One of the best small cages ever been to food fabulous worth a visit

Christian Blakeley -

File:Ford Hot Rod.jpg

It's amazing how the hot rod had evolved and changed into a completely new look. Still, this Ford may be old, but it's not lacking in style! And thanks to the restoration work, it's not lacking in aesthetics either.

Sebastian Gaydos -


hola buenas me llamo christian sandoval tengo 19 años estudio para terminar mi secundario y estoi buscando trabajo quisiera ser parte de su empresa cualquier cosa estoi a su dispocicion saludos a usted. le dejo mi numero cualquier cosa 02964514224

Christian_sandoval -

روستای مسک

عالیه بازم مسک

Hesam0939 -

File:The Nannau Gatehouse at Coed y Moch - geograph.org.uk - 502185.jpg

had a happy childhood living there in the 1950s.wish i was there now.

gareth higgins -


jigaram kabab shod.....yadesh bekheyr,,,

Payam68021 -

دانشگاه الیگودرز

yadesh bekheyr.... sale 86....

Payam68021 -

Taman Angsa

alamat taman angsa itu d mana iia -______-

Chacha_galau -

RCA Microphone

i really want to get my brother this for christmas any one no how i can get one of these microphones  please :) x

Danielle -

File:1960's Dry Stone Walling, Scraith Wood Drive, Sheffield - geograph.org.uk - 760166.jpg

regarding your photo 1960s drystone walling scraith wood drive was built in 1974

Paul-rich-smith -

File:Old School House, Knotty Ash - geograph.org.uk - 37399.jpg

I went to school here in the 1940s/50s

Paadamache1 -

Pesantren Hidayatullah, Aceh Utara

sungguh membuat kagum

Ichadhea48 -

File:Barra Castle - geograph.org.uk - 938771.jpg

I stayed there in 1987...my grandmother grew up there..What happened to tobias and family?  Mara was a wonderful woman..how did it turn into flats?

lynn -

File:Hollings Campus aka The Toast Rack - geograph.org.uk - 3765.jpg

Manchester University has NOT merged with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

Hollings Campus is part of MMU, and is not associated with Manchester University, who own builddings the other side of Old Hall Lane.

Guest -

File:Mercedes Benz 170V Cabrio 1938.jpg

Old-school coolness right there! Being able to open the top up must have been very useful back then, due to the lack of air-conditioning. What's great is that they designed it so that the car looks great, with or without the top.

Nicole Vickers -

Classic car parade at Killarney Race Track

Yeah! Those cars are strutting out their stuff in style. The sedate speed of a parade works best since you get a good look at these cars on the move.

Carry Demaggio -

File:Bryndioddef-Hill of suffering - geograph.org.uk - 919376.jpg

Ha ha!, never has a place been so aptly named, having known some of the old  residents who lived in this hamlet!!

Lester Dagge -

File:Cottage once a pub - geograph.org.uk - 920328.jpg

This delightful cottage was originally known as the Cilgwyn Arms, the back lodge to the Cilgwyn estate. It was strategically placed to capture the weary drovers and farmers returning from market in Newcastle Emlyn and having negotiated the painfully steep Adpar hill. The nearby farmstead was known as Penwalk, but with the old house long since demolished, the pub closed down and took the name of Penwalk. The original wrought iron sign still hangs proudly today and I believe the name has been once again reinstated!

Lester Dagge -

File:Three-way bridge at Old Cilgwyn - geograph.org.uk - 920347.jpg

This remarkable designed bridge was know as the Chinese Bridge!

Lester Dagge -

Водопад Хутый

это не водопад Хутый, Хутый с дороги виден, но надо знать, когда и где смотреть, на машине всего лишь секунду виден. Намного мощнее, высота трех каскадного водопада около 100 метров

R N Kipkeev -

File:20100926 180209 DentalPlaque.jpg

It's amazing how something like that can exist in our teeth. Still, when we consider out dietary habits you could say that it's a natural occurrence in life. Thankfully, we have the tools and people that are capable of fixing our dental problems, should we come across them.

Trinidad Philipps -

Albania - Elbasan: Ferm Dragot...

kala ta spaei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandra Love -

File:Roydon station, disused signalbox - geograph.org.uk - 1447236.jpg

More like 1860s. The flat roof extension was added to house the wheel for the mechanical gates which were removed in 1977 and had been installed for many years

Guest -

Lycée Fodil El Wertalani

ca c'est lycée ibn el haitem  technicom et c'est pas foudil el wartilani !!!!

Ahmed1024580 -

Lycée Fodil El Wertalani

lycée ibn el haitem c pas foufil el wartilani

bbbbbb -

File:Torksey Castle - geograph.org.uk - 1364114.jpg

You probably mean paintings :-) 

Maksym Kozlenko -

File:Fell Lane and Ingleborough - geograph.org.uk - 864574.jpg

Thank you for publishing the photgraphs of the memorial to my parents I dont get to Ingleton as often as I would like

Tracey Gregory -

File:Pizza Inn - Bradford Road - geograph.org.uk - 1717008.jpg

whats their number???

lolly -

Cồn Cỏ Expedition

Looks like a bit of an Idyll and Amateur Radio Heaven

Ceresolejohn -

File:Quinton Works, Cheylesmore - geograph.org.uk - 1570286.jpg

My Grandfather worked at Edwards the printers   and the managing Director was a Mrs Hattan

Polly Stuart -

File:Torksey Castle - geograph.org.uk - 1364114.jpg

Are there any pictures of the castle in the 1500's?

Sir Robert Jermyn died in 1614 was my 20th great grandfather.

Love finding out about him.

Suzyq0381 -

Geolocation photo 20115160

Looks beautiful! Do you have a larger size photo?

maxim75 -

Geolocation photo 20115160

pudhunagamarai natural


Mari Amman Temple. Pudhunagamarai

nice temple


File:BMW automobile 1938.jpg

So sleek! The color of the car gives the car the look of ornamental armor, don't you think? Like many classic cars, this one has a very royal look.

Erwin Calverley -

File:Ventongimps Mill and stream - geograph.org.uk - 66951.jpg

As a lad I helped at Ventongimps Mill farm milking the herd of jerseys for Hugh and Gillie Hayes. This was from 1962 until I left school in 1967 although I kept in touch with them until Hugh finally died. The view of the stream and building on the left is not actually a view of the mill itself but the back of the main  cowshouse and the shed that housed the start-o-matic electricity generator,the mill itself being attached to the end of the dwelling house in the yard. Although becoming delapitated in my time at the farm it was still used for hay storage in its 3 levels and the water wheel was still reasonably intact against the wall in the leat. Happy days!
   Chris Stokes

Chris Stokes -

File:Dunans Castle, Glendaruel, from bridge - geograph.org.uk - 367287.jpg

how far is dunans castle from the isle of bute as we are going on holiday to the isle of bute the end of july and can you get transport to the castle from the isle of bute

Jinny Davies -

Pozo de la mina de mercurio

hola soy zhengyong compro mercurio o cinabrio mandeme una foto de demuesta a mi email.   españa zhenyong80@yahoo.com gracias

Zhenyong -

Pozo de la mina de mercurio de Khaidarkan (activo, 2009)

hola soy zhengyong compro mercurio o cinabrio mandeme una foto de demuesta a mi email.   zhenyong80@yahoo.com gracias

Zhenyong -

Pozo de la mina de mercurio de Khaidarkan (activo, 2009)

hola soy zhengyong compra cinabrio 

Zhenyong -

Pozo de la mina de mercurio de Khaidarkan (activo, 2009)

Type your comment here.

Zhenyong -

Першотравенськ, завод електротехнічного фарфору. Pershotravensk, electrical porcelain factory

это не р.Случ, а р.Хомора которая является притоком р.Случ.

roman -

File:Yell Bridge, near Colemere - geograph.org.uk - 1027452.jpg

Does anyone know the history of the iron door and low passage behind it?

Simon Mewett -

File:1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV at 2004 Sportscar Vintage Racing Association meeting in Watkins Glen.jpg

Despite its age, it still has the look of a true sports car. Long ago, it must have sped through so many roads like that, and it most likely won a number of them. It seems to be well-maintained to the point of still being able to hang with modern cars too. Anyway, the color of the car is fitting: passionate and speedy.

Leisa Dreps -

File:Holy Trinity Church, Fingerpost - geograph.org.uk - 603643.jpg

holy trinity church grade 2 listed ,has recently had a structural survey done by english heritage which has concluded that the building is sound,and ther are no problems with its foundations ,this was carried out in 2010

Johnavanti -

File:Wind turbine near Little Glenshee - geograph.org.uk - 98772.jpg

This is a windpump not a wind turbine.  lots of farms had these a long time ago.

Moragblack228 -

Springbrunnen Attractiepark - Slagharen

He geweldig beeld en uitzicht op Springbrunnen Attractiepark. Alleen vond het heerlijk om daar en besteed mijn tijd ..

vakantiehuis costa blanca -

Photo at 29° 54′ 6.03″ S 51° 10′ 31.25″ W

Legenda: Olho por Olho - Auto click, eu queria minha foto tendo asorelhas da Kika como moldura mas ela não ficava muito tempo parada, logo fugiu

Nilce Bravo -

St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh as it was in 1953

 That's a pretty good photo.  I'd like to say it's an excellent photo of St Giles Kirk.  I am unable to do so however for the simple fact that is NOT St Giles, that is St John's Episcopal Kirk at the end of Princes Street.

L Thomson -