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St Aidan's Church, Billinge Built 1717, and extended with a new transept in 1908. Listed Grade II*, with the boundary wall and the coffin-shaped grave (photo 574286) both listed Grade II in their own …

I saw this grave many years ago and I am still intrigued by same thanks for all the info
Regards  Bob Hill

Bob Hill -

Main Ditch and Crossbrook Farm View north along the drainage ditch with the farm buildings in the distance.

It is not Crossbrook Farm, it is Fields Farm that is shown in the photograph

Crossbrookfarm -

Cottage at Tansor Wold near Oundle. Looking SW at sunset & I don't think I noticed the conservatory at the time!!

And what's wrong with our conservatory? ;-)

Lukas_habberton -

Bečići, plaža Arena i Caffe Arena


Ljetovali smo kod vas u Areni. Super kafic i posluga. Slusali smo pjesme koje ste pustali i svidjela mi se jedna pjesma koja urefrenu kaze " no puedo mas". Molim vas napisite mi izvodjaca i naziv pjesme.

Pozdrav, alma

Alma -

Градешки минерални бани

dosta zapadnalo izglejda, no sigurno vodata pone e hubava.

Venera Varbanova -

Sunset from Paras Beach Resort in Camiguin

Simply amazing. No resort is truly complete if it can't provide a view of a breathtaking sunset like that.

thailand villas -

Hasrat Ali,Pathra,Midnapur

Hasrat Ali

Hasrat Ali -

Бывшая гор. больница.Чистополь

Вернулся в молодость. Ничего не изменилось

Alexn1958 -

Bridge 173, Lancaster Canal Sellet Hall Bridge high and dry. The canal was drained in this area in 1955.

if you revisit the same location and look at this bridge and canal, ther has been a lot of work undertaken to restore it and to put the canal back in water up to this bridge.

Nigel Hardacre -

White lion at the Seaview Game & Lion Park, Easter Cape, South Africa


Manar Abdo11 -

White lion at the Seaview Game & Lion Park, Easter Cape, South Africa

سبحــــــــــــان الله أجمل من الجمال ذاته

Manar Abdo11 -

Tallassee Alabama

Excellent photography! Thanks. Shown is the 1920 Tallassee Mills Bridge, Tallassee, AL, on the lower Tallapoosa River, just below Thurlow Dam. The view is looking west and shows part of the Old Antebellum Mill Complex (1844-1960s), on the West bank of the Tallapoosa River
William E. (Bill) Goss, Historian, Talisi Historical Preservation Society, Tallassee, AL ( July 28, 2012

William E. (Bill) Goss -

Kleine Krebse graben sich ein und formen kleine Sandkugeln, die sie wieder aus dem Loch herauswerfen, am Stand vom Lanai Resort, Langkawi

So wie ich es beobachtet habe, formen sie die Kügelchen draußen und verstecken sich nur schnell in ihrem Loch, wenn Gefahr droht. 

Sacherstaendiger -

Rashtrapati bhavan

good memories... 

Anonymous -

Jama Masjid

loved the pic... :)

Anonymous -


Hermosas fotografias que acabo de postear con motivo de Fiestas Patrias,gracias por publicarlas,conozco Tarapoto y por eso quisiera que mas personas visiten ese hermoso lugar.

Alida Tafur -

парашютисты в небе над дачей

красавцы! групповая акробатика!

oleg55\ -

lagoa do portinho, Parnaíba

Ich denke, dieser Ort ist sehr geeignet für das Abenteuer Reisenden. Denn hier gibt so viele Orte, die Abenteuer von den Urlaubern beliebt sind ..

ferienhaus Estartit -

File:Unknown starlets at AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2010 4.jpg

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Numerous Pumps installed to drainout flood water from the city

I think that the maintenance in this plant is very poor.

negative shower pumps -

Stefano Rollero a Quartu Sant'Elena


Tra Quartu Sant'Elena e  Selargiusnello zona di Molentargius
nidificano ormai da diversi anni i fenicotteri rosa. Un particolare
ringraziamento va alle associazione per la protezione degli animali che in
questo caso, come in tanti altri, sono riuscite a dare un contributo maggiore
di quello delle istituzioni. In altre zone protette della Sardegna ci sono  anche le nidificazioni del cavaliere
d'Italia, di avocetta, di codone, di falco di palude, di aquila reale, di
tarabuso; le colonie di aironi; nonché la presenza di specie rare come il
macaone sardo.

 Stefano rollero.

stefanorollero -

Polindes Pendem Kec. Junrejo - Batu

sekarang mulai rame lagi pasienya cz bidanya ramah banget

Yazidpendem -

Carpet store in the Old City, Baku, Azerbaijan

Like many southwest Asian countries, Azerbaijan offers good ole carpet products. No wonder carpet stores like this are present in most of their streets.

Wilbert Padilla -

Building at Ravenscraig Hospital Function unknown, looks like a toilet block.

yes that was the mortaury

Moerath -

Site of the Hotspur Brickworks One of the many relics of Tyneside's industrial past. Located beside the old waggonway which ran from North Shields to the collieries at Backworth, Seghill and Cramlingt…

Hi there I don't know if this information is any use but my father used to work at the Hotspur Brick Works. I still have the watch he was presented with on completion of 25 years service. He left when the works closed.

Fozzy -

File:Aachen Haus der Kohle.jpg

Ich denke, es ist wirklich eine sehr schöne Lage für holodays. Bei meinem nächsten Urlaub, den ich möchte auch an dieser Art von Hotel zu bleiben ..

ferienhaus spanien -

Cottages in Lynn Road. The village of Shouldham > 1738593 is situated about 10 kilometres north-east of Downham Market (South West Norfolk) and has a population of approximately 500. Immediately to th…

Mr Late Uncle was RAF Group Captain Robert Lister.  He fought in the Battle of Britain with great distinction, yet was a modest and kind gentleman. Shouldham Hall was his family residence, but following his wifes (my aunt Nora) premature death his sold up and moved to Spain. 

Philip Daly -

Dr. Abdullah Saim Al-Dahr Hospital - Jeddah

Dear Dr I am looking for Elsayed from Jeddah I met him and  I am from cape town south africa,i just want to let him know that i can't get amessage to him but i am on facebook under Cheryl Sales. Do you know him and can you give him my message. Also my email address is you .xxx

Cherylsales1947 -

Sheriffhales Manor house A magnificent building. The owner rode past as I took this picture, joking with me that "It's not bad for the cleaner's house".

Manor house always looks best and these are the best place to stay in your holidays. I really want to stay in a manor house to make my holiday memorable.

Luxurious Manor House -

Manor house at Warmington The 17th century manor house has a commanding view over the village pond (foreground). This picture looks in the other direction [[[461493]]].

Before converted in to a hotel, manor house hotels were the place or fort of a king. After the emperors of a king these palaces were converted in to the luxurious hotels. These hotels have various breathtaking items that are belongs to the time of the emperor of a king. 

Irish Country Houses -

Knock Shield It's just possible to see through the haze on the horizon the two TV transmitter masts on Catton Beacon in NY8259.

you class middle knockshield as 'knockshield'. There are 4 different steadings, 3 high middle and low plus one derilect above high knockshield. which is the original '

Morag -

Daak Chowki Ruins, Wazirabad (FaceBk>> Asif husnain awan)

Nice collection of sites of an historical city...

Zaigham -

Burn Grange Burn Grange Farm on Burngrange Moor.

Burngrange Farm is set om a 7500 acre estate which is owned by the Duke of Northumberland, Lesley is the the current tenent with her family and has been there since February 2010

Jez -

Gargnano (BS) - Panoramica sul lago dalla dismessa via dei dossi

Belle queste foto. E' un delitto che non sia valorizzata una strada panoramica come questa, anzi che sia perennemente chiusa, quando con pochi soldi si potrebbe renderla transitabile almeno  per i pedoni e per le biciclette.
 La miopia del Comune di Garfgnano è sempre stata grande. Speriamo nella provincia di Brescia
Scrivete alla Provincia di Brrescia, Aiutateci a riaprire questa strada,

Rana1951 -

Parnham House Parnham was built circa 1400 and since then much restoration has taken place right up into the 20th Century. Stephen de Parnham was the first recorded owner and then the Strode and Oglan…

Do you know who owned Parnham House during 1932 - 1933.Was is a country club at that time? Who ran it?

Annette Land -

Saint Pokrovshye Old Russian Orthodox Church

would be great to see interior photos of the place.  I wonder if it is still operating-  my memories are from 25 yrs ago. the town full of ukrainians who used to paint their houses bright colours of green, yellow, purple and blue, the hard candies and dainties at celebrations of easter and christmas. we only visited, but i still remember. what a wonderful place!!

Bushkitty -

Iqrah Technical College Beruwala

could you please send me the E-mail address of Iqra Tech institution?

Amazon Manpower -

Path across Birkett Houses Allotment

We were recently up at Podnet Tarn and we saw some Black/Dark Brown Water Worms/Eels/Leeches....can anyone tell us what they actually are ???...they were rounded one end with a Paddle at the other...between 3 and 5 inches long but could also make themselves smaller at times 

catherine todd -

Monument for the victims of the X-ray radiation on the grounds of the Asklepios hospital St. Georg in Hamburg.

Thank you very much. Beautiful pictures featuring an emotional monument. Prof. Dr. Jean-François Moreau (


Renaissance Golden View Beach Resort Sharm El Sheikh

Ok, I'm impressed. The beach is great enough, with the pool being overkill. I guess sometimes overdoing things is a good idea.

caravan park -

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The Gate House Which once protected the railway crossing north of Melmerby.

I lived ther for 14 years, and Im proud to say my dad built the 2 extensions to this property. The original house is the one at the rear of the picture.

Mis-smay -


Mise -

File:Entrance to Shouldham Hall Care Home - - 1738654.jpg

Shouldham Hall was originally the family home of my uncle, RAF Group Captain Robert Lister. A true gentleman and hero to me..

Philip Daly -

1960 Oldsmobile, Customized.

Groovy! That checkered roof certainly gives this car a lot character. I like the red-colored wheels. They match the entire color of the car, which gives it a more vintage feel. Those striped seats look awesome too!

Naomi Champy -

Ruglands Farm. Beyond the farm buildings there is a glimpse of Wimbleball Lake, the largest reservoir in Somerset.

thank you for the pic of ruglands farm. it was here in 1861 that my great-great grandfather was living as a labourer. i searched all day to make sense of the transcription. it says ragland castle. do you think this is it?

Harding -