Confused? Anxious? Prickly? Couturiers At Viktor & Rolf Are You Covered

Wish to social-distance in fashion this autumn? Couturiers in Viktor & Rolf — famous for campy, high-concept seems — are introducing a drop collection they are describing as”three wardrobes for three mindsets in extreme instances of change” These 3 mindsets: Stress, Confusion and a hopeful end with Love.

Every mini-collection includes three pieces: a nightgown, a dressing gown, and a coat — may be made for men and women that live within their PJs and simply have to throw on a jacket to take the garbage out?

The Stress collection” embodies a somber disposition: a sense of anger and despair, recognizable to many today,” say the designers. Popstar Mika presents the set in a movie using a drolly dry narration: “There is a great deal to be mad about, and this garment will convey precisely that. Its striking cone and volume theme will rejuvenate and make you feel safe” He proceeds to state that the face mask” has won worldwide acclaim since the cleverest new accessory of the year.”

Up is Confusion, starting with a different nightgown, now a shrieking peach lace coated with contradictory emoji, a fuzzy dressing gown, 1 arm stacked with asymmetrically perplexing giant bows, and yet another voluminous coat, this one festooned with protruding, glittery tubes. “Its ample A-line ensures that you will stay on your safe zone whilst venturing into the planet,” says Mika.

The designers do not leave us completely impossible. “If we can change ourselves as readily as we perform our outfits, that would not choose love?” they ask.