Cookies, custom Eyeglasses and Puppy hoodies: Among the best Presents are’Made in America’

Her company turns old army uniforms into wreaths she brings to homes throughout the nation.

“I feel as if that my product can connect individuals that are feeling isolated in such uncertain times,” Pompei told ABC News.

Military families are sending their pajamas, also, and in return, they get a homemade wreath by using their name directly on it.

In Boston, Collette Divitto is creating biscuits and sending them around America, only in time to exit for Santa.

She’s 17 employees in all.

Divitto, who had been born with Down syndrome, proudly hires individuals with various skills.

“She is a wonderful boss,” Liam Higgins, another employee, said. “She is always communicating. She is a superb role model”

“When I come here… I don’t have any worries,” said Nathaniel Oliver, yet another among Divitto’s employees. “[I’m] working with individuals who know what is happening.”

Frame USA is located in Cincinnati, in which it provides custom image frames made in the USA. The business was owned and run by precisely the same family for 38 decades.

The business has 62 employees and has hired more this season.

“We would be delighted to generate an American-made image frame for you now,” the Frame USA team told ABC News. “Thanks!”

The Storeys said they’re thankful for their employees in Calhoun, Georgia, who help bring games to households in their homes.

“We couldn’t be more proud of these hardworking women and men facing the everyday challenges of the outbreak to bring games to households to perform in your home while being quarantined,” explained Jeff Storey.

Back in Portland, Oregon, House Dodge is ensuring people’s pups remain warm and stylish this year, together with hoodies made only for them.

Owner Angela Medlin said looking for local products is very important to encourage future American creativity.

“You are ensuring that the future of those firms, and you will never know, you might realize your new preferred brand was appropriate in your garden,” Medlin said.

“Thanks so much to the wonderful feature on [Produced in America],” she explained. “House Dodge has been received an enormous number of further support in the previous 24 hours and we are so excited about our brand new clients, and looking ahead to what is to come from 2021.”