Criminal Defendant takes police chief hostage in Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine — A criminal defendant brandishing a hand grenade has abducted a senior police officer at fundamental Ukraine and fled, officials, said Thursday.

When police attempted to detain the man accused of stealing a vehicle outside a court building in Poltava, he threatened them with the grenade and took one of those officers hostages. Then he swapped the officer to the leader of regional unlawful authorities and drove away in a vehicle offered by authorities on his requirement.

An operation to detain the guy is underway, officials explained.

The episode in Poltava includes two weeks after another armed guy at Ukraine captured 13 hostages on a bus at the western town of Lutsk and held them for over 12 hours before surrendering to authorities.

The assailant consented to release the hostages after a telephone with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who consented to post a movie advocating all Ukrainians to observe”Earthlings,” a 2005 American documentary exposing humanity’s cruel exploitation of creatures.