Cuomo Publication on NY pandemic Epidemic Brief on Condition missteps

ALBANY, N.Y. — Gov. Andrew Cuomo condemned the government’s coronavirus answer and famous his leadership attempts in a new publication released Tuesday that delivers a couple of new details — but not a lot — about New York’s struggle against the pandemic.

The Democrat’s publication, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic,” provides a retelling of his attempts to contain the virus since it ravaged his nation.

Inside, Cuomo describes attempting to placate President Donald Trump to receive necessary hospital beds, ventilators, and other equipment for New York. He detailed the nation’s victory at fast ramping up testing his fear that New Yorkers would not heed calls to remain in the home to help avert a devastating surge in hospitalizations.

Cuomo also addresses a regular criticism of his leadership style: that he’s too controlling.

“You show me a man who’s not commanding, and I will show you a man or woman who’s likely not highly effective,” he wrote.

In terms of his mistakes, Cuomo concedes just a couple.

Other difficulties with New York’s virus reaction get less ink, including the nation’s struggles to assist nursing homes to get sufficient protective equipment or personnel. Cuomo said Republicans have politicized the thousands of individual deaths in New York nursing homes.

“We’ve observed the way the virus is destroyed and confronted,” he explained. “New York did not do everything.

A lot of the stuff from the publication would be recognizable to anyone who followed his everyday press briefings in the height of the outbreak, which Cuomo praised as a model of transparency.

He’s stated he plans to donate some profits to charity.

The publication’s launch comes following a pandemic that’s still sickening New Yorkers from the thousands.

Citing a spike in new illnesses, Cuomo a week prohibits restrictions on companies, schools, and religious parties in some specific virus hot areas. Over 900 virus sufferers were at the hospital according to Monday, the maximum total since June.