David and Nicola Yoon Launching YA imprint for Individuals of Colour

NEW YORK — Best-selling writers David and Nicola Yoon is starting a Random House Children’s Books imprint for young adult romance books by and about people of color. They’re calling the imprint Joy Revolution and also intends to launch the initial novels in 2022.

“I loved romantic comedies and romance books when I was younger. Loved the meet-cutes, the breakups, the make-ups, along with the final chase scene followed with the huge speech announcing one individual’s love for another,” Nicola Yoon said in a statement Thursday, citing such movies as”Moonstruck” and”The Princess Bride,” together with Harlequin romances.

“But as far as I adored these names, they always left me with nagging questions: Where were the women who looked just like me? Didn’t Black women ever fall in love?”

Joy Revolution proceeds the publishing industry’s attempts to diversify an already white firm while hiring Dana Canedy to conduct Simon & Schuster’s flagship imprint or the statement earlier this week which Jamia Wilson would next season combine Random House’s adult trade division as vice president and executive editor.

David Yoon is famous for such books as”Frankly In Love” and”Super Fake Love Song.” Publications by Nicola Yoon, his spouse, comprise”The Sun Is Also a Star” and”Everything, Everything.”