DeGeneres apologizes to Reveal’s staff amid Office inquiry

“On day one of our series, I told everybody in our very first meeting which the Ellen DeGeneres Show’ is a place of joy — nobody could raise their voice, and everybody could be treated with respect,” DeGeneres wrote. Something changed, she explained,” and therefore, I’m sorry.”

In another announcement, the Warner Bros. studio said the investigation’s”main findings” demonstrated what it predicted some defects in the series’s daily management.

DeGeneres’ memo along with the probe from the studio’s parent firm followed a BuzzFeed News report where current and 10 former series workers complained about problems such as being fired after accepting medical or bereavement leave. 1 employee said she left due to remarks about her race.

The majority of the complaints were tied to executive producers and older supervisors, BuzzFeed News stated, one ex-employee stated DeGeneres should take more responsibility for its work atmosphere. The folks making the allegations weren’t identified.

In its announcement, Warner Bros. said it and DeGeneres take the allegations concerning the show’s”office culture very seriously” and its parent organization is trying to ascertain the validity of their openly reported allegations and comprehend the show’s daily workings.

And though not everyone the allegations was corroborated, we’re disappointed that the principal findings of this analysis indicated some deficiencies linked to the series’s daily management”

Measures have been taken to create several staffing changes and execute different measures, the studio said, without mentioning specifics. The internal investigation was reported by Variety.

DeGeneres wrote that she’s”deep compassion” for men and women that are treated unfairly or disregarded. This comes from somebody that has been judged for”that I am,” said DeGeneres, that has detailed the price that she paid to be openly gay.

“As we have grown exponentially, I have been able to remain on top of what and relied upon others to perform their jobs since they knew I would need them done. Some did not. That will change and I am dedicated to ensuring this doesn’t happen again,” she explained in the memo.

“It has been far too long, but we are finally having discussions about justice and equity,” DeGeneres said, adding that she’d push herself along with others to”grow.”

She stated the COVID-19 pandemic kept her from sending her remarks from person to staffers.