Disney recruits Rapsody, Other People for EP honoring Black Resides

NEW YORK — Grammy-nominated talented lyricist Rapsody has composed”possibly 15 verses this season to signify the times” — as she put it about the Black experience. When Disney requested the rapper to pen a new song for a brand new EP honoring Black resides and social justice, she thought to himself: “How else could I talk about what’s happening?”

She started to consider the point of view of a mom who lost her son to police brutality. Or a dad whose daughter died merely due to the color of the skin.

Recorded under quarantine throughout the ordeal, Rapsody developed the soulful rap song”Pray Momma Do not Cry.”

“What does it feel like if you visit these funerals? These black trucks and cars, everybody dressed. The emotion. How does that sense after you have gone through this and you go home and that individual isn’t in your life? That is kind of the emotion or energy I wanted to touch on,” she explained.

Rapsody is expecting the album can combine people.

“Occasionally music does over sitting around the table hoping to hammer something to someone’s mind who just does not get it because they do not live your own life,” she clarified.

Grammy-winning soul singer Bilal adds vocals to”Pray Momma Do not Cry” to bring it into life, though other celebrities on the record contain Robert Glasper, Terrace Martin, Alex Isley, Jensen McRae, and Kedron Bryant, the adolescent who turned heads on societal media with his ardent performance about being a young Black guy in the current world with the tune”I Had na Live”

“The objective is to learn more about the uncanny similarities between the present and past, talk directly into the Black community and also push the dialogue forward and also to get the vote out,” explained Jonathan Wilson, the creative director and A&R representative to the EP. “We’re upon likely among the most consequential presidential elections of our own lives. We wanted to talk to all that.”

Wilson, whose official Disney Music Group name is director of venture marketing and synergy, stated as a Dark worker he is pleased to see that his company becomes involved with the motion.

“In the aftermath of George Floyd, I feel a lot of organizations, not only Disney, needed to do some soul searching about the way they dealt with their Black customers and their Black workers. The business is a business that wishes to be on the ideal side of history and do the ideal thing. To have them measure up in the manner that they did was good for me as a Black guy but also to sort of being in support of projects like this that help push the dialogue forward,” he explained. “It only became an exceptional experience.”

Rapsody echoed his words, explaining she had been excited”Disney would need to carry something like this.”

“They have been standing behind what we’ve been asking everyone to do: Use your voice. Utilize your platform. Make use of your dollars where they could rely on,” she explained. “We can teach, inspire, heal people through songs “